Pyracantha and holly seed germination

Houma, LA(Zone 9a)

Are the seeds within Pyracantha and Holly berries viable for sowing? If so, how do you go about it? It seems that if it were an easy process, you would see seedlings beneath the parent trees, since they produce so many thousands of berries, yet that has never been the case for me. I read that the berry contains agents that inhibit germination....I am guessing that this is probably so that the multitude of seeds aren't competing with the parent tree, but rather being ingested by birds and then dispersed elsewhere? I know that with our local Magnolia grandiflora you have to soak the seed berries for a few days and then rub the casing off, at which point the seed itself is only viable for a few weeks.

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The best way I have found to grow more pyracantha is by taking a growing stem and lay it on the soil with an earth staple. I cut into the stem at the point where it is touching the soil. I put more soil on the stem and check it monthly,making sure it gets water. It takes a growing season to grow roots, and when it looks pretty sturdy, it can be cut from the mother plant and planted. This plant should be given special attention to assure that it will survive.

I found this online:
Pyracantha, firethorn, fire thorn

Stratify seed 6 weeks, sow just covered as seeds need light to germinate. Germinate in cooler temperatures. Grow also from semi-hard cuttings, or from air layering started early in growing season. Tolerant of clay soil; prefers good drainage and a sunny spot. May tolerate heavier winds. Used as bonsai, and can be grown indoors. Zone 5-8

Houma, LA(Zone 9a)

You are so helpful! Thanks AGAIN : )

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