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(Zone 6a)

I bought this today (my wife was stupid enough to take me to a garden store that sells crafts too (which she wanted to look at) so I couldn't leave without buying some plants on sale)...anyway, this was placed on top of a sign for Lamb's Ear. The tag on the container, however, calls this plant Salvia guaranitica "Aregentina Skies". It doesn't really look anything like the growth of a real lamb's ear. The center of this plant I believe shows the rosette that will pop up and grow for next year. Is this really Salvia?...I think it is.

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(Zone 6a)

I may have answered my own question, because I found this on the net and it looks like this is a salvia. My real question now is, is it hardy in zone 6? I keep seeing it listed as zone 8...but I've also seen it listed as zone 6. What's the truth?

Marty you are correct in thinking its Salvia guaranitica. According to the venerable RHS it is only hardy down to freezing and this is something I can vouch for personally.

If you have very well drained soil then you may be able to keep it over a wet period but snow may just do for it. If you can keep it frost free.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I think it's salvia argentea or silver sage - The foliage doesn't match salvia guaranitica -

Silver sage is actually a biennial. It flowers it's second year and then dies. It's often grown as annual just for the first year of foliage. The plant you have there will probably flower next year. The big fuzzy leaves are attractive to slugs so keep an eye out for them.

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

You are definitely right. It's salvia argentea, not guaranitica. Guaranitica isn't silver, gets at least 4 feet tall and has green slightly hairy leaves(but not hairy like those).

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