O, wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

North Fork, CA(Zone 7b)

Winter solstice brings a sunrise


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San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)


Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Thank you for sharing. It was raining here, and I didn't get to see the sunrise. What a beautiful photo! I love the colors of the clouds in the sky! : - )
Still tired from the Holiday season and still trying to catch up!

North Fork, CA(Zone 7b)

I've just returned from three weeks in NZ where I was visiting my sister. I feel like I've missed most of January here, but heard that it has been just beautiful here while I was gone. No rain, and beautiful crisp clear sunshine. I started a wintersowing project just before I left so will be eager to see how the little seedlings fare. http://bit.ly/hRPbbX

I met 'bootandall', a member here on Dave's garden, from Blenheim, NZ where I was. That was a highlight! And we also visited many garden centers there as well as public gardens. My sister joins me in our love of native plants and the native NZ plants are so different with exotic Maori names. I'll post some photos on my blog and post the link here to show and tell.

The sunsets are lovely in NZ, too...

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Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Please do. DH and I are traveling to Malaysia on Feb. 9th and I could use some tips on what to take. You got any?
Thanks for sharing! : - )
Walk In Beauty!

North Fork, CA(Zone 7b)

Take less clothes! hahaha! Don't bother with anything dressy unless you know you're going somewhere fancy. Casual was the thing there. Most women in that area don't wear shorts, tho, crop pants were considered more appropriate. Bathing suits, which they call 'togs' tho, fine! Take a sarong, if you have one, for beach cover ups. very handy and packable. Take an attractive hat, because you'll probably have it on in lots of photos! hahaha

I used those water sandals for rocky beaches and they were invaluable. Take old sandals that you can get wet then throw away or old Keds with no shoelaces.
Sunscreen, bugspray for your room and for you. And itch gel like Benedryl helped the sandfly bites you get there. Very itchy...hope they don't have 'em where you're going, but if they do, you'll be prepared. The zip lock prevented my whole suitcase from the leaks those bottles had in flight.

BTW, I'll post my New Zealand Week in another post here. I thought I had already. Have a great time, SW, in Malaysia!

Sierra Foothill Garden

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the advice Sue. I think I asked you again on the new thread. Must be bothering me. Part of the time we will be in the BIG City, and will be spending about 3 days at the beach. Benedryl & old tennis shoes. Thanks, I hadn't thought of them. : - )
Has everyone besides me already trimmed all their roses? Mine never stopped blooming, but I noticed MIL had her's done, already.
Got to go for now.

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