spell check.

N.C. Mts., NC(Zone 6b)

I hope someone can tell me how-where to get spell check to put on Internet Explorer. Thank you.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I generally do not use IE, but i thought it was build into the browser. or in one of the many tool bars.

do you know which version of IE are you using? or any tool bars that are up top? Like Google or one from your ISP?

Salem, IL(Zone 5b)

The Google toolbar has a spell checker but I have no idea of the size of it's vocabulary. I prefer to use a dictionary--you always learn something each time you use it.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Firefox browser comes with a built in spell checker--I think for IE you have to download something like the Google toolbar.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Google's spell checker (on Google's tool bar) is pretty good. If you are positive about a word (such as a botanical term) then you can add it to your dictionary so the next time you put the same word in your post, Google will accept it. For instance I just had Google check this and it complained about the possessiveness of its own name, so I had Google add it to the dictionary and tried a spell check again - No Complaints the second time. If the word is outlined in red, click on it and you will get suggestions such as another word, ignore, or add to dictionary.

N.C. Mts., NC(Zone 6b)

I had been using firefox and loved it but I downloaded what I thought was the dancing elfs. turned out to be Morphsester or something like that.
To me it is a monster. any time I went online this big window popped up and I could not do anything, scrool down, x it out. All I could do is go to start and turn the computer off.
I tried to find it and uninstall, couldn't find it.

I uninstalled Mozela firefox and am using IE without any problems except I don't have a spell check. How do I find out what version of IE I have.
Remember, you are talking to an old, old woman who is not too smart with computers. LOL
I had a computer smart friend on the phone for an hour last night trying to get the monster off. No luck.
I have had Norton for years Talked to them. They wanted 99.00 to fix it.

Do you think it is a virus?? I'm not that smart but looks like it would be on IE also if it is a virus.

N.C. Mts., NC(Zone 6b)


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Liz -- do you have a utility to scan your computer to look for 'things' that may be out of the ordinary??

You mentioned Nortons... do you have the 360 version?
when you do a scan, does it find anything?

See if you can locate that program [dancing elves] in the add/remove programs and see if you can get rid of it.

if not.... when it pops up again... try to get the name of it, and google that term plus how to delete....

I'd suggest running a full 'deep' scan to see what may pop up.

Sometimes when you download [what seems like a perfectly good program] other programs piggy back in with it... they are usually nuisance programs.

hope this helps,


N.C. Mts., NC(Zone 6b)

Thank you Teresa, I tried what you said. Google said to uninstall it. I can't find it so I will use IE.
I reinstalled Firefox but I had to uninstall it so I could even get to Google, or anyplace else online. I did do a scan but didn't help Firefox.
Still don't know how to get a spellcheck on IE

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Liz -- when you click the VIEW option up in the tool bar.... your first choice should be TOOLBARS
and it will list all the toolbar options you have.... ONE of them should include a Spell Checker.

now -- back to your issue.

Do you happen to know the name of the program you installed?
Morphsester or something like that.

if you know the name of it... do a search on your computer for that term. It should then show you the location, so you can hopefully delete it.

I'd think... if you enjoyed using Foxfire, dont give up on it... try to correct the problem.

and as hcmc stated above.... Google does have a good tool bar.

N.C. Mts., NC(Zone 6b)

This is what I downloaded ( tool bar Morphster) when it came up it said it also downloaded (Conduit engine) I found conduit engine and uninstalled it. but still can't find Morphster.

The toolbars under "view" does not have spell checker on it.

I went to google and there is a spellcheck for IE to download but I'm almost afraid. Do you think that would be safe. Norton says it is safe but norton also said Morphster was safe too.
I really do appreciate you guys trying to help.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

if it's google, odd are -- it's safe. I have google tool bar.

and you wont find "spell check" in the View, but you will see a list of tool bars that you have available to you that are on your computer.

I have a list of them, but only use 2, google and Comcast [my isp] I prefer as little as possible "up there" and loved it when there was an option to add more than one tool bar with the space. [meaning I could use the horizontal area for more than one tool bar -- probably not explained well] I think that was with Win98.

I did a quick search on deleting this Morphster, and most threads are about Macs....

Do you still have FireFox on your computer?

if so... thry this:


Ok, with the help of a friendly sos apple person I was able to uninstall the morphster toolbar from my firefox application. I also had to reset my home page (which morphster had reset.)

1. Open Firefox.
2. Under Firefox open Preferences.
3. Under the General tab reset your home page.
4. Under the General tab click on "manage add-ons."
5. Choose uninstall for both the conduit plug-in and the community plug-in.
6. Quit and restart Firefox.

Hope this helps anyone who comes after me. Avoid Morphster's home page under all circumstances!

quote taken from here.... http://discussions.info.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=12786181

If this does not work for you....

any time i get some thing nasty and i'm having a hard time getting rid of it... I download and use MalwareBytes to clean it up. http://www.malwarebytes.org/

Choose Download FREE Version

Hope this helps you get rid of this nasty thing.

N.C. Mts., NC(Zone 6b)

Thank you, Thank you. I reinstalled Firefox and when I pulled it up. that monster was there BUT the window was up enough for me to click cancel install or finish. You know which I clicked on. The window was never up that far and would not scroll up before.

I will ask on this computer thread before I down load anything else.

Thank you again. If you hadn't kept coming back to help, I would have quit trying.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

you are more than welcome.

Fayetteville, WV(Zone 6a)

I think this will be your answer: "IESpell" Here's the link: http://www.iespell.com/ It's free. Just download and install it. I'm very confident that it will work perfectly for you. But to be honest, I much prefer to use Mozilla's FireFox browser. It's actually the world's most popular browser. Why?.... because it's a better browser.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Can you provide links on that statement about most popular browser?

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I googled it and found this.... WOW, it is rated #1 in "Browser trends"


but Wiki has IE world wide

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I don't think there is any good tool out there to keep up with all the traffic and which browser is being used every second of every day.

Here is another page to check.


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

that one seemed pretty close to the Wiki one.

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