need ideas for hard to mow hill

Shirley, IN

I have a hill at the side of our property , it banks the road and the drive way . I t is pretty steep and is hard to mow . I would like to plant a ground cover there one that flowers but stays pretty low to the ground but is good about weed control . I would also like to put a flower in with this because I have been told most ground covers only flower for a short time and I would like to have some color during the summer . thanks

Shirley, IN

I like that it is very pretty .

Port Elizabeth, South Africa(Zone 10a)

Here is a few I found for that purpose:

Achillea tomentosa 2-4 Grayish foliage in low mats.
Woolly yarrow
Antennaria spp. 1-2 Persistent gray-green foliage in dense mats; excellent for rocky slopes.
Artemisia spp. 10-15 Silvery foliage; A. schmidtiana (silver mound sage) most common.
Atriplex corrugata 4-6 Evergreen; foliage greenish-white; for salty soils.
Mat saltbush
Centaurea montana 15-18 Grayish foliage; blue flowers.
(perennial bachelor button)
Mountain bluet
Cerastium tomentosum 6 Gray foliage; white flowers; very aggressive.
Cytisus decumbens 4-8 Green stems with tiny leaves; yellow, pea-like flowers in May.
Creeping broom
Delosperma nubigenum 1-2 Succulent, light-green foliage; yellow flowers.
Yellow ice plant
Duchesnea indica 4-6 Aggressive creeper; looks much like strawberry; yellow flowers; inedible, red fruit.
Mock strawberry
Eriogonum umbellatum 3-6 Showy flower stalk to 8 inches tall; foliage in low mat.
Sulphur flower
Euphorbia epithymoides 12-18 Mounds of foliage that change from reddish to green in spring, then scarlet in fall.
Cushion spurge
Euphorbia marginata 4-8 Green and white foliage; very aggressive.
Festuca ovina glauca 6-8 Tufts of grayish, grassy foliage.
Blue fescue
Juniperus horizontalis 4-10 Perhaps the best year-round cover; many clones and foliage hues available.
Creeping juniper
Some common clones include:
‘Bar Harbor’ 10 Blue-green; purplish winter color.
‘Blue Chip’ 10 Bluish foliage year-round.
‘Hughes’ 10 Silvery-blue; distinct radial branching.
‘Webberi’ 4 Very low mat; fine texture.
‘Wiltoni’ (‘Blue Rug’) 4 Very low; silver-blue; purplish tinge in winter.
Penstemon pinifolius 6-10 Has needle-like leaves and orange-red flowers; takes heat well.
Pineleaf penstemon
Phlox subulata 6-8 Reddish, white or lavender flowers; moss-like foliage.
Moss pink or creeping phlox
Polygonum affine 12-18 Red, showy flowers late in season; excellent ground cover for dry areas.
Himalayan border jewel
Potentilla verna 1/2-1 Very low mat with yellow, showy flowers; aggressive.
Creeping potentilla
Ranunculus repens 1-2 Yellow, showy flowers on creeping runners up to 2 feet long.
Creeping buttercup
Santolina chamaecyparissus 10-12 Blue-gray, persistent foliage in dense mats.
Sedum spp. 1-15 Many forms available; not usually competitive with weeds.
Stonecrop (sedum)
Sempervivum spp. 2-4 Forms dense, evergreen mats; grows in very poor soils.
Houseleek, hen and chicks
Thymus serpyllum 3-6 Low, mat-forming herb with tiny leaves; purple flowers; related species, woolly
Mother-of-thyme thyme, has gray-green foliage.
Veronica prostrata 1-2 Dark green foliage; deep blue flowers in short spikes.
Prostrate speedwell

Shirley, IN

Little things wow that is a great list I sure appreciate you taken the time to put all that down, I am going to look them all up to see what they look like and if they are ok for my zone ,sounds like I may have a few to choose from.Thanks again!Tammy

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