Worm Composting confusion

Long Beach, CA

Worm Composting confusion... please help. I just started a small worm compost bin. I have read sooooo many site. Some say add citrus fruit whole, some say only the rinds , some say none at all. Some sites say tomatoes are OK to add, some say in moderation, still some say none should be added because of the pH. Some site say add worms in the same day while others say not for a day or a week. Some say the worms can live on news paper alone and other stress a balanced diet. Some say no starches, other say it is ok to add in potato skins, some say you can add pasta and even pancakes. All I want is happy healthy worm. Anyone with any ideas?

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Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

I've never raised worms, but perhaps you would find the answers you need by reading a book on the subject. I seem to remember seeing an ad for one called Worms eat my garbage - or a similar title.

Long Beach, CA

I have read many books and read many sites. They offer conflicting information. I do not want to kill my worms, that is why I am seeking clarity. Thanks

Helena, MT

Again Rhapsody, go the vermiculture section and spend some time there. All you questions can be answered and if you still have more, there are lots of good people waiting to answer them.


North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

Here's the vermicomposting forum: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/f/wrigglers/all/

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