ID on this pepper please?

St John's, Antigua and Barbuda(Zone 10a)

I would love to know what this pepper is, first I thought Chocolate Habanero but it doesn't have the 'lantern' shape, any ideas?

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Arlington, VA(Zone 7a)

this is not a very good or timely response, and these are probably things you already know, but; is it a volunteer, or perhaps from saved seed? if so, did you grow more than one variety of chile last season? chiles have a remarkable propensity for cross pollination- i guess what i mean is that you might have a chocolate cherry pepper plant. on the other hand, habanero shapes seem to vary a fair deal even on the same plant- what do they taste like? have any matured into the lantern shape by now?

St John's, Antigua and Barbuda(Zone 10a)

My response is not timely either :) I did grow jalapeno's but not at the same time. No, none matured into the lantern shape. I decided I wanted to taste so I cut one in half and just tasted the juice on the knife, I was immediately sweating and my lips were tingling for ages. Funny thing is I cooked with that half but it was no longer hot, I did remove the seeds though. Made a marinade using just one - with seeds along with a couple of other types of pepper for chicken Piri-Piri and that turned out hot but not too much. thanks Sue

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