Knitting needles on planes?

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Can anyone tell me if it legal to bring knitting needles on airplanes these days? I may have to travel by plane shortly and don't want to be surprized by any rules prohibiting them.

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Don't know but I'd contact the airline and ask...

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Yes you can - BUT - don't bring your almost finished sweater or your favorite needles. The TSA can take it away from you. I brought a scarf on bamboo circulars and had no problem.

Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

I have seen people knitting on planes using wood knitting needles. I guess wooden ones pass through the metal detector and X-ray machines without setting off any alarms. But I agree with Quilter - check with the airline rather than risk having your knitting confiscated.

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Good point, I'll check with the airlines, I would hate to have anything confiscated. Also, a friend who flew through NYC recently told me the only ones getting xrayed were those who accidently set the alarms off or who had full size shampoo, etc. in their carry ons. Last thing I want is to raise any questions.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Well actually it isn't the airlines it's the TSA. I surely woudn't bring any metal needles. If you are going to knit on the plane - plastic or bamboo circulars are the way to go since you won't hit the person next to you. Make sure you do not bring any yarn cutters at all. The have banned those cutters that look like a pendant.

I had my bamboo circular and the yarn in my handbag with no problems.

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Thanks, that is good information. I am new to this and do not have any circular needles yet but will get some and learn how to use them ASAP.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)


I suggest you use a coupon and buy the size need you want with about 20-29 inch cable. You do not have to knit in the round on a circular needle you can turn your work and go back and forth. Warm up the cable so it relaxes and it will be much easier to work with. I always try to use circular needles - I find them much easier to work with. The best part - the weight of your work is on the cable rather than on your needles. Casting on might be difficult at first. Cast on with your straight needles and start the knitting with your circular.

Bamboo is a great material for needles since it is a little grippy - you don't drop stitches as easily as metal ones.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you!

Such great information here. I will go out inthe morning and hope our tiny yarn shop has these needles. Now I am really anxious to try them. Because this is a new hobby for me, the family was happy to finally find something I would actually use so I received lots of lovely yarn for Christmas.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)


I thought of a couple more things - sometimes with circular needles you are not sure which way you are going. Make sure you finish your row before you put your knitting down.

Two great resources for you -
knitting help - great videos
ravelry - this is a great knitting and crochet community. Great source of pattern and yarn information

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Thanks Elsie, I did join ravelry, what a great site with lots of information and I did consult the knitting help videos when I was learning how to cast on and start. I finished 4 scarves between Thanksgiving and now, that is nothing special but I was teaching myself so I was pleased.
I learned to hard way never to put work down, even with straight needles, before finishing a row. Also learned to pay attention to when I had to switch from k to p. It was so easy to get into a routine and just keep knitting. I am very good at un-knitting. LOL

Recently I found some very nice hand dyed cotton yarns at Tuesday Morning. The brand is Araucania, they knit up well and the price, $6.99 was not bad at all.

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, I travel with my knitting pins all the time.
I am often traveling very long flight for my work ... what shall I do for 15 hours on a plane? off course knit !
I knit doll socks with very fine metal needles 0,50mm up to 1mm.
I had my bad experience too.
I have a candy tin that is oval and long,my pins fit perfectly.
I insert my pins on the tin and I have all my threads and stuff on a ziplock bag. I actually put my ziplock on the security bin (the one that goes under the X-rays). I have been stopped a few times with no problem.
Oh I forgot, I also put the rubber point protection at the end of the pin ... so they will not see they are sharp.
I have been travelled to : London Heatrow and Gatwick, Oslo and other small airport in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Venice, Frankfurth, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Montreal, Edmonton, Melborne, Sydney and all the USA and more ....

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Thank you drthor, what extraordinary socks, they are beautiful.

I did check the TSA website and here is the official ruling - as of today.

Kannapolis, NC

What can you take to cut your yarn with? I figured the necklace/pendant would be the safest way to go since it is contained.

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

There are always nail clippers for that!!! Just a thought...

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I have threaded yarn through my nail clippers (there's a hole on one end) and I hang them around my neck. I try to ensure that I won't need a yarn needle while in the air (or else take a plastic one), but I've also flown several times with circular needles. They are just a lot more comfortable to use in a narrow space than long needles are. If I can find them, I take bamboo ones for extra security. I've also flown with metal crochet hooks though I often put a back-up in my checked luggage just in case.


(Zone 9a)

I had no trouble flying with knitting needles recently, I was using a curcular steel # 8. I did not bring anything in carry-on that would cut yarn but I didn't plan on needing anything during the flight. I had a small pair of sewing scissors in my checked baggage for use later.

On the advice of my knitting store, I did carry a copy of the TSA's policy on what they would allowbut I did not need it.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

You can also cut your yarn with the thingy on dental floss. I recently flew and took my knitting. I had it in a plastic bag and put it with the other metal items. They are wood needles but have metal on them. No problem at all.

New York, NY

No problem you can easily bring knitting needles in flight and there will not be any legal issue.


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