What is the name of the huge bamboo

Lynnwood, WA(Zone 7a)

I wonder if I can grow the big kind of bamboo in Seattle. I'd like to use it for making furniture. What is it's name and will it grow here and will I be sorry if I do grow it?

north coast nsw, Australia

are you a miller or carpenter? I think alot of different types of Bamboo can be used to make furniture. There is a giant form though, not sure how long it takes until you can cut and use it. Theres clumping bamboo and running, runnings the one that gets away, even though the clumping still eventually spreads. If you can make money off making furniture and you had a paddock to grow it in it would be worth it. As long as you know the process of turning the actual cut bamboo into the bamboo ply to use.

Lynnwood, WA(Zone 7a)

Thank you Breeindy. My ambitions are to use the bamboo as is, just cut to lengths for tables, chairs, shelves, trellises, etc. I love the look of the stuff. My understanding of bamboo is that it takes 3-5 years to cure in place before harvest. And are giant bamboo shoots edible? In other words, could bamboo control translate to food supply? Double purpose.

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Hi Patti, my guess would be that you are inquiring of Moso. However, in zone 7a you might consider Vivax, as
Moso will not perform well in your area.

We live in Northeastern Oklahoma and are quite content with Vivax. Hope this helps. :-)

Lynnwood, WA(Zone 7a)

Thanks Wuvie vivax it will be

Brunswick, GA(Zone 9a)

Wuvie is right, the Phyllostachys vivax can reach heights of 35 to 70ft & a diameter of 5in. In Zone 6 under full sun.

Olympia, WA

I have a friend in Seattle who is growing Henon bamboo in his back yard. New culms are comparable in diameter to a soda bottle. I have no idea if that is the type for which you are searching.

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

I would recommend you take a look at www.bambooweb.info and the American Bamboo Society, www.bamboo.org. To locate what works in your area for what you are wanting to do with it as well as find out which ones are tasty. hummmm hummm good boo shoots.


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Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Oh, yes, I agree with wannadanc, I didn't think to suggest Henon.
We have a small grove of it as well, and are quite pleased with it.
Definitely worth considering as well.

SE/Gulf Coast Plains, AL(Zone 8b)

I growPhyllostachys bambusoides ĎGiant Japanese Timberí for the wood quality. It is ADVERTISED as being hardy to Zone 7. (Iím in8b so I donít know if that is true or not. It is very definitely a runner though. It is attractive reaching a height of 70í. Itís not a bamboo for the faint of heart, but it is an excellent timber variety.

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