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Canna tubers

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

We have some canna tubers that did not get planted this year. They are in a dark, dry, cool place. Will they be worth planting next year or should I compost them?

Pieve di Compito, Italy

Hi Birder17...a few ideas on those canna tubers...they should still be good if not dried out...if they look shrunken and dark-colored,
they probably are no good.....if you can, cut a small section from the end of one of means they are still viable.
Cannas are a hardy lot....I leave mine in the ground year 'round here in Italy...we're Zone 9a...even the winter rains and frost won't
hurt them...frost kills them to the ground, but they pop back in late April.....the hybrids are a bit more sensitive...."The President", my favorite, won't go through a winter in the ground....try planting your tubers in some potting soil at the end of Feb.....and keep in a warm, fairly well-lit place....not too wet....and see if they come up......nothing like trying. Good Luck!

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the good information. I wasn't sure they would grow next year if left out for a season. I will check my tubers but not today. Our high temperature for the day is below freezing! It will be cold in our downstairs garage.

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