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Questions Please

Sydney, Australia

Does a beehive need to be in the sun? My backyard is not big and I have a pool, will people be stung or will the bees not care about us if we don't bother them. Will they drown in the pool?
If anyone can answer these questions will be a start and I would be grateful.

Thumbnail by Fruity_Sage
West Plains, MO(Zone 6b)

We are new beekeepers, since last spring, and according to what we have read, they don't have to be out in the sun. Dappled sun or at the edge of the woods is great. That way, the hive doesn't heat up as much in the summer. In regards to the pool question - we had a neighbor recently put in a pool, and, as soon as he did, our bees were drowning in the pool. They went to the pool to get a drink, fell in, and couldn't get out. We hoped to solve this problem by placing a water container near the hive, with sticks in it (in case they fell in.) This cut down on the problem, but our neighbor still has a few bees in his water from time to time.

Sydney, Australia

Thanks for that information. We have bees sometimes in our pool from time to time without anyone around us having a hive. Good luck with your hive. I've got a few alternative water containers and just need a bit of duck weed should help. It's always great to get another persons opinion when you are just starting out.

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