Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. The road was getting a bit long so I have moved us again. This is one of my sons orchids to brighten the day .
Overcast, but warm here this morning. A very windy night but quite calm now. We had over 50 points of rain from around 5 pm yesterday but it seems miniscule compared to what has been going on up north.
I saw on the news last night that Halls Gap had flooded . Watching where we had been walking around a few weeks ago was unreal. We were going to go up there for a drive yesterday morning but decided to pop over to Hamilton instead. The day was quite nice here with light rain but warm. Lucky we changed our mind or we may have been caught up there as there are numerous creeks along the road. One never thought of a flood in Halls Gap . To see on the news, that quiet , pretty little stream in the middle of town as a raging torrent threatening the shops around it, was unreal.
I hope this morning that things are looking a bit better for the flood victims as the water recedes ever so slowly.
The very last thing needed up there is any of those possible cyclones that are forecast to maybe appear. We pray they don't.
I am always amazed at the two sides of humans. The majority will pitch in to help anyone regardless, but there are the few that want to gawk or steal .
Yes, we all may be curious to see the devastation after any disaster, but have the sense not to intrude on peoples grief.
Better go and put up the sign so people know where we have gone to. Stay safe everyone and know we all think of you and worry about our dear DG friends.

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Merino, Australia

We came from here.

Brisbane, Australia

Good morning. The sun is shining, and here one wouldn't get a hint of the devastation our city is in. I hope everyone and your families are all safe. I have now contacted all friends and family in the flood zones, and all are safe and none were directly affected by the floods. How lucky is that!

Our local river (the Logan) was, and still is, swollen, and cut roads, but no evacuations were necessary. Our catchment area did not get the amount of rains that they got further north.

Take care.

This is the Logan River at Waterford, where my daughter lives. The waters never reached her, thank goodness, though the road was cut off.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Good morning everyone.
In all honesty I cannot watch the floods on TV anymore......the sadness is overwhelming...
When I heard the story of the little boy who begged the rescuers to take his little brother first, then both he and his mother were swept away...

I can donate and send what they need, but I can't watch their pain any more.

Jean, that orchid that your son sent is lovely..such a pretty colour...
We are on 99mm for the 4days and very wet....my mother's nursing home is having problems with the humidity, the walls are streaming with condensation....so they have had to turn off the A/C and open up the doors.........It certainly has been tropical weather..
What a Summer.
We were staying down at Lorne a couple of years ago in the Cumberland caravan park and we were hit by a flash flood.
The creek which was only about 60cm deep broke it's bank in 4 hrs and swept away everything that hadn't been moved...
Straight into the sea.
Fingers crossed for Hall's Gap and everywhere else that's flooding.

barmera, Australia

Good afternoon everyone. We had about 2" of rain here yesterday but nothing harmed here. Everything is absolutely saturated so hope the cactus will drian quickly. I think that the greatest problem with the plants is they stew after so much rain and the sun pelts down on them. It's supposed to be 30C for the next few days here but no more rain is forecast. Jean the epi cuttings arrived yesterday, thank you. I haven't sent your piece of Clementine as yet because it was so hot on Monday and I thought it better to wait a bit. Will sent hopefully next Monday so that it gets there in the week. Will be back later after I hung the washing out. It's very humid here today. Phew!!!! Colleen

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

The sun was out today and I did some cleaning.

We are fortunate here on the Sunshine Coast...not too much damage at all....except for the roads. Large pot holes in the streets and roads.
Lost work hours for workers who couldn't get through the floods. However compared to other areas we count our blessings.

My son had twelve inchs water above the floor boards at his house in Oakey ( not far from Toowoomba)
He said the water went down quickly and they hosed the house out and have continued to clean for the last two days. His main concern was for his brand new motor mower that had been completely covered with water.

Lets hope they find all the bodies of the dead...that would be the worst thing.

Take care and hugs from Marlene.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Karen...my sister lives in Buccan... I think that's not too far from you.

Brisbane, Australia

Marlene, was your sister above the flood areas? Quite a few roads were cut, but I've heard of no homes damaged.


Magnetic Island, Australia(Zone 11)

Hi All
Kat very pleased you're OK,just hope that Judy gets in contact with someone to let us know how she has fared.....Cyclone Zelia is predicted to go further down south and turn into a low as she interacts with the cooler seas off NZ and not impact on any part of the Queensland coast....fingers crossed.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Karen my sister didn't have and flood damage to her home.
She did have a problem getting through the floods to the hospital to see her daughter give birth to her second child.

All's well that ends well!

barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful morning here this morning. Cool and crisp. Everything is washed clean and sparkling. My heart goes out to the people now left with the clean up of their homes. It must be horrific and I never wish to be in their predicament. My son arrives today to take the boys for a holiday in Adelaide. A week to garden, garden and more garden, maybe some reading and snoozing and a bit of TV. They both have their birthdays next week and he has ordered their cakes and has plans to take them snorkling among other things. I don't think that they will miss home for a few days. lol Jean I've put the kettle on again for everyone. The coffee was getting a bit low so I filled that up. I was given a large jar of Maccona dark roast for Christmas. I know it sounds like a strange present, but it is really lovely coffee and much appreciated. Well I hope all are well this morning. Elaine I hope you're taking it easy now that Christmas is over. Marleneanne glad to hear that you and yours are safe and Kat. Where have all the turkeys gone and the pythons. Hope that Cluckingham Palace and it's residents are safe. Be back later. Colleen

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its foggy here this morning. Talk about a variety of weather. All I need now is snow. Oops, better not say that too loud. The way the weather is acting, I just may get it.
Anthony, I see on the news that its Tassies turn for floods. Nothing really bad I hope. Are you safe where you are ?
Marlene, glad you and yours are okay up there.
Kat, where are you ? Out helping someone , I bet. Its going to be a nightmare. cleaning all the gunk . Be careful out near the water Kat, lots of erky germs floating around now.
I cant do anything down here , even for our own flood victims, except donate what I can.
Sue, are you okay ? I keep picturing you in that boat floating around your broms. .
Elaine, hope you are well and planning some project for your garden.
Judy, I also hope you are safe and out of the danger area.
Colleen, you are going to enjoy some time on your own. I see the weeds cringing at the thought of you going mad in the garden. Thanks for putting the kettle on and re filling the coffee jar.
Teresa , how are things over there ? I see quite a few clouds heading your way so I hope there is no flooding anywhere. you had enough with the earthquake.
Dianne, are you okay there ? Lots of water around down your way too.
Charleen, are you okay there ? How are the furry ones getting on in the cold ?
Louise, thank you for all your kind comments . You are lucky being in the only place without snow at the moment. Does it ever snow in Florida ? I hope not.
Love the pic of the girls relaxing on the chair.
Hello to everyone else. I hope all are safe and dry. I am off to see what I can get done today. Yesterday I sat in the greenhouse and sowed all my seeds in little peat pots. I am trying them out this year for all the seeds, plus a few larger ones for cuttings and small plants. They can be planted as is, so it should help the plants grow quickly without any transplant shock.
Be careful everyone and stay safe.
I'm leaving this lovely Chocolate Cheesecake out for you all .

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Brisbane, Australia

What strange goings on in the weather world. I am shocked at the amount of rain fallen over this side of Australia. Now Victoria and Tasmania are suffering the effects of abnormal rainfalls.

Still problems getting trucks through with food and supplies. Milk and bread are scarce everywhere. Our northern neighbours have been on ration like supplies for some time now. Looks like we are too. I'm glad to see some shops limiting the amounts people can buy. There are those who get around that though. The few get it all, and the rest are left without because of panic buying.

Almost made me cry this morning to see on TV the masses of volunteers turning up to help with the clean up. What incredible spirit people are showing. Makes my heart swell with pride.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

like gypsies in a 'mule drawn cart' you evacuated 'tea room 80',..,the rain has""FINALLY'''''-stopped,but now severe damaging winds and the lilies are damaged from the hot rain or severe gusts,.,.'theres always next year'-for me-im no-where near in the same boat as the poor buggers in Queensland,and my heart goes out to you all!!!.,.,im not even going to open the garage door,in case the wind sends the house off in a spin ,like'the wizard of oz',.the walls are creaking and the roof is banging,but the computer is still working,so,'here i am'

western sydney nsw, Australia

Good afternoon to every one -Its a sad time for all but a joy to hear people you know are safe thate is a blessing . Its hard to watch TV and see the hardship so many are facing their lives turned upside down .not only here but all round the world .

I have been busy the weeks are going past at such a fast pace .
Yes a few projects on the go I see Louise has started mosaic's Iam sure she is having fun I have started another guitar and a few other little things . Here is the guitar so far .
Colleen happy Birthday to the boys You wont know whate to do with your self in the evenings being home alone.
My cup is a quarter full so better start to move the elves are watching me one has the broom ready to sweep up any crumbs till next time elaine.

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

All back to normal.

Pictures show at time of flood and then this afternoon. Taken from the front of our home.

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

...then this afternoon

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Brisbane, Australia

Anthony, hope you didn't get blown away.

Love love love that guitar, Elaine.

Marlene, you've lost your river frontage. Are you disappointed?

Seriously, it must be such a relief that all that water is gone.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

ALL IS COOL HERE NOW,'NICE TO BE OUTSIDE[who hit the caps lock],.,.its been a terribly windy day and much damage done,'but it doesnt matter'-good luck to my friends in queensland'-keep the pride!!!!!!

Brisbane, Australia

Drove out very early this morning to get the paper (our newsagent was flooded out) and was amazed by the volume of traffic..trucks, utes, ordinary cars, with gurneys and generators and tools..all waiting to be passed by the police cordon so they could go down to Fairfield and Yeronga. Getting home was even trickier as I had to use side streets as all main streets to the area were a standstill..same reason! I had bought about eight loaves of bread and various fillings and made sandwiches (not my forte, I have always avoided doing tuckshop duty! :)) and, as it's local, I put them all in one of those shopping trolleys that little old ladies use (:)) ..except mine is bright purple!!!!...and walked down to Fairfield and Yeronga to hand out to the army of workers and owners. It really was like a battlefield. The black muck was so thick I had trouble walking on some streets...and the stench just gets worse every day. It was just amazing to see all these people who turned up to help..the council asked for 6000 city wide and I heard a report they got 22000 over the whole city! Some came from the Bay Islands..I met people I had taught and taught with. Always uplifting when a former student uses the word awesome! ;) I saw some very large piles of rubbish ;like mountains liniung the streets and would have loved to photgraoh it as this will again be a beautiful area..but wondered whether that was intruding. The workers had left by then. I'll go back tomorrow. One gentleman was just sorting through things with a friend. I handed him a bag of sandwiches and told him it would all be green and clean again as it had after the '74 floods. He said he was there then. I might look for him tomorrow. He didn't seem to want the army of volunteers. It must be hard having other people just come in and toss your possessions on the curb, filthy or not.

As a contrast, I come home..fenceman is mowing and buzzing and fussing and parking nut is walking back from a stickybeak somewhere. Where is karma?

Brisbane, Australia

As Charlie Brown said to Snoopy, "The flood waters will recede, the famine will end, the sun will shine tomorrow, and I will always be here to take care of you"...
and that is what has happened..and continues to happen.

Brisbane, Australia

Friends returning from the day's clean up say the situation is heart wrenching. So many of the basics we take for granted are unavailable. No shops to buy anything, even sanitary products, even if they had the money. So many ATM's are down.

Barry and I went to the shops yesterday, and just rows and rows of empty shelves. Not a potato, not a tomato, not an apple in sight anywhere. I didn't look at the bread section, but there was a limited stock of milk in. There seemed to be a good supply of eggs too.

Little flowers are peeping out from incredibly overgrown places. I've forgotten what this is, but it seems to grow readily from seed.


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se qld, Australia

It must be hard to have others come in and heave the lot onto the curb, but for many it would seem such a daunting task that they wouldn't know where to begin. I think I'd settle for the army of volunteers for fear that if I didn't I'd fall in a heap. I'm guessing at this point that the longer it (the mud) sits, the harder it will be to move?

The poor souls here whose houses were flooded a fortnight ago still have the water sitting there, and the levels rose again a couple of days ago. I can't begin to imagine the job they will have when they can get in again.

se qld, Australia

Karen, I can't understand why the shops there are running low? Are there supply problems, or is it due entirely to panic buying?

Brisbane, Australia

"Karen, I can't understand why the shops there are running low? Are there supply problems, or is it due entirely to panic buying? "

I think it is both, though now supply is the problem. Also, we are not a flood hit area, and I think we will not be considered urgent, but seriously, we do still have to eat, don't we? The shops will be trying to get supplies in as they will be losing money while their shelves are empty.

Two different flowers, the red is Huernia schneidereana, and the other is huernia zebrina.


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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Nice to see you back Kat. I thought maybe the water may have sneaked up closer to you.
Marlene, great to see that you have lost that river frontage.
Karen, nice to see you safe as well.
Elaine, I love your latest guitar. Glad to see you too.
I hope Sue, Chrissy and Judy are safe . I haven't seen them about for a while.
Anthony, you didn't get blown away. How did the liliums go through the wind etc ?
It was fine and warm here yesterday after a foggy morning. Today is overcast but will hopefully get warmer later.
I am in the middle of potting up a few brugs into bigger pots.
I have little shoots coming on a couple that I thought had completely died. Frosty is flowering, a lot bigger than last year. I was contemplating the weeds around the irises too. Thats about all I can do at the moment as the ground is still a bit wet to be pulling them out. I think there will be a day of Roundup very soon.
The floods here in Vic are very bad for those affected even if not on the scale of the Qld one. Still a lot of water around both here and up north , that has to go somewhere. It recedes from one place but can reappear elsewhere. Until it finally gets to the river mouth, there is a risk for lots of places.
I wish all the volunteers well up there as it is a huge task.
Having to go into someones house and toss their possessions away is terrible, but necessary.
I hope all stay safe and dry. Its lovely to see faces popping in with news on whats going on around them in this crisis.
Just a pity we cant wish everything nice and clean as our virtual Tea Room world is.
I'll leave something nice in the kitchen for anyone popping in. Raspberry Coconut Slice.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

karen'-belumcanda chinesis,or blackberry lily,is the mystery flower,.i have a foam box of it here[from seed]which tumbled off the front wall!.so i may have none!GOODONYA KAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for the[coloured] trolley of sammies

Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

Hello, everyone! Elaine - I love your guitar! Whew...that's a lot of work you've done there!! It's gorgeous!

Kat - how kind of you to make so many sandwiches, and I know it must have been a disappointment to find the workers had already gone. I just can't imagine how much work there must be to clean everything up.

Colleen - I hope you enjoy some alone time with the boys away on holiday. Enjoy a nice break and be as lazy as you can be!! lol

Jean - Do your brugs in pots get top heavy and tip over in the winds? As to our having no snow if Florida - it is very rare, but north Florida has had snow in the last year. We have never had snow so far south where we are. Our region is considered subtropical. I think that's why we have so many of the same plants you have.

Waving to everyone else as well!

Brisbane, Australia

Hi Louise.

Kat, I don't know that my stomach would cope with the smell. You are a braver man than I am. It is heart warming that so many are coming out to help. Some may not like it, but if it was me, I couldn't do it alone.

Thanks Anthony. It seems to grow readily from seed, so that's a good thing. I'll save the seeds if I can, so if anyone wants any, let me know. I really am out of places to grow any more.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Doesn't it make you proud to see all those volunteers.....I heard last night on the ABC about the woman who started baking for the volunteers and now she has a network of people all over, who can't help with the cleanup, but they certainly do their bit, by baking all sorts of goodies which are then delivered to the centres for distribution to the workers and the residents.

Then there was the call for Gum Boots and they received thousands of pairs..all are delivered by the truckload to the clean up sites.

If only the world was so compassionate all of the time.......
I hope someone is helping those poor people in Brazil.

Jean and Colleen at last I have those seeds.....I know ....you have forgotten what they were, it's been so long....Scabiosa "Crimson Clouds"
I will post them this week....
Colleen, hope you have a good book.....the boys will be back before you know it....and there is still a couple of weeks 'till they go back to school.
Louise, that tray is a great first effort...looked like you've been doing it for ages...post when it is completed too.
Elaine, your guitar is lovely as usual.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

hot today, probably 33C.
was hot yesterday as well, hit 31C...
gale force nor west winds expected later, already blustery outside.
Enough to prevent me from gardening, I did an hour at dog club this morning had two runs of the practice rally-o course, taking heart from the fact that both would have been qualifiers.
We compete next sunday & I would really like a 'Q'.
last time we tried we scored an 'NQ'... I hadn't noticed Copper didn't sit fully before moving on.
Handler error is our biggest problem.
It is supposed to be 24C that day so that should help - and I won't be working a night shift the day before.
Swapped as a favour to a co-worker & didn't realise there was an engagement party on, I was working 4pm Saturday till 1am Sunday.
By the time I got home to bed it was 2am & the darling dog wakes up at 6.30am raring to go. (could have been worse, he often decides we must get up at 6am)
I fed him & put his bed out on the deck then crawled back to bed, an hour later the sound of the wind rattling the windows woke me & I started to worry about whether Copper was still in the yard as I hadn't heard a peep out of him.
He was fine but no more sleep for me after that.
I think I need a nana nap!

Christchurch, New Zealand

oh I meant to say that the Warehouse has donated a container of gumboots to QLD.
Kiwi gumboots are usually pretty good - they certainly get enough use here!
After the earthquake some power companies sent their customers gifts of transistor radios or those torches you shake to charge.
So hands up who has a disaster kit on hand right now?
Guess what - my hand did not go up...
we bought a mini charcoal bbq as a back up way for cooking/water boiling.
But as far as having bottled water etc stockpiled just in case we are just not on the ball.

se qld, Australia

Our water is tank only, so unless our two tanks packed it in we'd be right for water, and we have one of those little stoves that runs on the butane gas cylinders. It lasts for absolutely ages. The freezer is full of meat and bread, so for the first day and a half we'd have food coming out our ears. After that though, we'd be sweating on the asparagus throwing out new shoots, I think. I fairly recently discovered just how easy it is to sprout seeds (alfalfa etc) so we usually have some of those on hand, and a tiny amount of seed makes a heap of sprouts. I've been meaning to master the food dehydrator, and really must get around to doing that, just to have a bit on hand if our power does go out for an extended period.

Ditto on the nanna nap.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi all..how are things in Victoria? They seem to be getting washed now..and Tassie! It's okay..I was plenty early to feed the workers but I was down there all day so got to survey the piles of mess after the buzz of activity had passed...and I', not alone..lots of family doing it too. It's all on again today...A sister and b-i-l picked up heaps of bottled water from a pollie and handed that out..but had to wear his badge. Yesterday they bought heaps of cans to give out but it gets expensive. The helicopters have got bored..the tv stations have finished their all day live coverage and adopting stategic positions in the chaos..so it seems eerily quiet. Still no boats on the river..won't be for weeks, I guess.
I looked at my epies last night..they seem to have survived the rain. The only mushies were potted cuttings that had sprouted and started growing but I had the whole tray on a shelf so the water didn't drain away as well as the hanging ones do. I'd be not happy if the big plants carked it as when the mushies hit, they hit quickly!
Has anyone heard from Chrissy lately? It is weird weather down in NSW but it may not be as far south as where she is..yet. Jean, are you dry? I heard from Ron R as I was concerned about him..he's floodbound. He was concerned about other Qld members..Marleneann..Karen..I told him you were okay. We are still in for more wet..the ocean temp in the Coral sea is evidently still the highest it's been on record so La Nina is not going to leave us for a few months..then, the pendulum will swing back to drought! Take care..keep gumboots and snorkel handy. Loved the post last Tuesday night by some brisght spark on twitter.."Lost, Tuesday night. Three goldfish!"

western sydney nsw, Australia

Boy it was a hot one here to day I did manage a little time to work before the heat had me running inside to sit in the cool .
Over time I have been doing edges yesterday I glued 20 on to wooden frame I made and this morning placed it in front of the pots still have to make more to finish its a slow project I use the left over shards from when I do other things. 20 edges =2:50 metres .
Thanks for nice comments on the guitar I think its going to be the best I"ve done so far .
Till later elaine.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

kat,keep the humour up,i know,sitting back here,i cant think to equate the severity of it all[maybe cant think at all]ive been reminiscing with a cold ale or 20,..,dalfyre,'cockys 2 mates' tia,the boxer and old' tooree'the black lab-escaped on saturday,..,took off straight down to the main road..,tooree got bowled over by a car[unhurt],why tia watched him from the other side of the road,.,.my daughter was running around in panic[rspca officer]-bit different when its your own!!!-tooree 's ok,still full of herbs,.cocky does so much love them being in his yard and he seems so happy in general with company,.,.elaine,its hot here too,but if you immerse yourself in lustrous lily blooms and have a fridge full of 4xxxx ,the world is a great place!!!!!! in the words of 'patrick hernandez'-we were born,born,born,-born to be alive- enough,its time for bed-anthony

Christchurch, New Zealand

lol - Anthony, it was 34C here yesterday but we had plenty of Export Gold Lager in the fridge & I sat under the shade of our silk tree - (aka Mimosa) & kept our hot dog company.
Glad the great escape didn't come to a tragic end.
It was said on one of my doggy sites that dog people are good people - they are going all out to fund raise for the flood victims...
I think garden people are also wonderful people when you look at the support & effort so many on this list are giving to help out.
Anyway the dog folk are having a virtual dog show, they did this with great results for the Victoria bushfires.
They have a category for mix breed dogs & one for those at the rainbow bridge.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Overcast and cool this morning after a perfect day yesterday. No floods anywhere around here , though Casterton ( about 20 mins away) has been flooded in the low areas beside the river. Most of the flooding here in Vic is further north and west of us.
Kat, you are doing great, helping out there. So many people that have put others before themselves.
Lots of young people , which is terrific to see. Just a shame that the other side of human nature is showing with the scam operators coming out of the woodwork.
Elaine, I love your edging. Looks like a row of tiny colored houses.
Keep inside in the heat and relax.
Anthony, stay sitting among your liliums, you deserve to relax now , having won all the prizes.
Glad the dogs are okay after their foray out on the road.
Teresa, are you being rained on too ? You don't need anything else there after the earthquake.
Dianne, you were right, I had forgotten all about the seeds. I look forward to growing them.
Thats if I can find the garden in the weed jungle. Never seen such green , healthy weeds at this time of the year. I found a milk thistle hiding behind a shrub, where it had grown to around 6' tall. My raspberries are putting out heaps of fruit. We may get to eat them as Michael ( the scarecrow) is still standing guard right next to them.
We will not get many of the blood plums even though it is the best year with so much very large fruit on the tree. One branch broke under the weight. Most of the plums are splitting now from too much rain. The nectarine trees are so loaded, I hope they don't split too. Lots of grapes , but the birds are very good at getting in and picking off each one as it ripens.
Hello Colleen, are you enjoying the quiet time and getting out in the garden ?
I do hope Chrissy, Sue and Judy are okay.
Better move as hubby wants the computer to send mail.
Hello to everyone else out there.
Keep safe and dry .
Here is something nice to nibble on with your cuppa. Apple Cinnamon TeaCake.

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Whoo hooo. It's lovely and quiet around here this morning. I have been up since 5am and I'm going to savour every moment of my holiday from my "little darlings" Youngest one's 7th birthday today. Uncle John has lots of things planned, plus the all important B-Cake. Elaine you are doing some lovely work there. I really like the edging mosaics. Jean I hope you don't get that flood water down your way.It's been horrific hasn't it? My heart goes out to all those affected. .......... I hope to get some Brug seedlings put into bigger pots this week as well. I just hope I have enough bigger pots for them all. Brian's brugs are not doing too much at the moment. The only ones flowering are the RFP. I wish I could get some buds on OSA and Knightii. They're being very elusive. for me, as is GHA. Patience is the word. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I'll be popping in from time to time as i enjoy my solitude. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
western sydney nsw, Australia

A very good morning to all I am excited this morning my sweet little Oleander has grown a seed pod for the first time .
This morning I have tied a soaker hose above the pots where I placed the edgers so I can mist them as the day heats up .
Might even try one of Anthony"s XXX"s while I"m sitting in there .
Have to go see if there are any more surprises my plants have for me this morning.. elaine.

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