Age that Roos start fighting

Los Gatos, CA

I have 6 Wheaton/ Blue Wheaton Ameraucuna chicks. They are 2 months old, and really pretty! I am sure that I have four roo's. I was waiting until they get a little older to give them away. But yesterday, two of them started to squabble. So, are they starting to get on each others nerves? Or is this the start of having roos together in the same coop?

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

At that age, they are just learning to be boys, and figuring out who is gonna be top dawg. When they are about 4 or 5 months and start getting major hormones, you'll know! LOL Teens.. They want to jump anything that moves.. or doesn't move. LOL I'd think you've got a while before the need to separate them..

Ferndale, WA

Hi Images: As usual ZZs hit the nail on the head. I always enjoyed watching the roosters spar when their young, much like watch pup, and cats at play. Sometimes the roos never need to be seperated as they grow up together and get along very well, with others that are more agressive, Usually around four months and they are ready to be seperated. Chickens, much like people are so individaul that it just isn't possible to predict the steps necessary to create the best invironment...Have fun...Haystack

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