Have major stores started putting seed out in your area

Reidsville, NC

I can't make another trip or call to Lowes. They are starting to look at me funny everytime I ask about the seeds and peat pellets. Have they started putting them out in your area?

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

yes in socal

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Same thing with me and Wal-mart...lol and it's like impossible to find out when they stock them

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, here in Dallas both Home Depot and Lowes have seeds and seed starting items.

Reidsville, NC

Well I made my rounds again and talked to the stockers. They say in 2 more weeks they should be in. Only one display of Burpee in all the stores. I need peat pellets and the large peat pots with the large soil pellets. I know I can make my own soil mixture and all, but when I see these in the stores I know Spring is around the corner. This year I will buy enough for the next year too. Maybe that will satisfy me but I doubt it, because I have left overs from last year. I think it just one more addiction.

Greeley, CO(Zone 5b)

Lowe's is the only one that has seeds so far, but no seed starting supplies. I got a greenhouse this year so I bought pots and trays online through the greenhouse mega store (good ship cost). Then I filled it up w/ my own seed starting mix. I was going to buy the jiffy mix and peat pellets, but found my mix is better and more cost effective.
If you want to know it is...I mix peat moss and vermiculite in a small trash can and get it really really wet. Then I chop it up with a hand blender. My plants seem to love it and the ones in that mix are doing better than the others in the Jiffy mix.
I know shipping can be expensive, but I got a bunch of seeds from Thomson and Morgan and have some on the way from Johnny's Select Seeds. Overall it wasn't too bad cost wise and I got stuff that I can't get here locally.

Reidsville, NC

Believe me I have already ordered seeds from several places. I bought a file cabinet from work that stored checks. I have organized my seeds in that. I got the small brown envelopes from Amazon and cut pictures from my seed catalogs for the outside. I have all the ingredients to make my own mixture but I never thought of using the blender. That is getting me excited. Thanks for the tip.

Greeley, CO(Zone 5b)

Your welcome.
I got some coupon file things from Target for a dollar and have been keeping my seeds in those. I just wish they held a bit more, but they are working for now. I will probably fill up a dozen of them before the year is out. I put the veggies in the green ones and my flowers in the blue ones so it is easier to find what I am looking for. Instead of envelopes for the seeds I put mine in small zip bags that I get my child care kids curriculum. I got some Avery labels that I use to mark my seeds and I put those on the zip bags. I take a pic of the seed packet and crop it to fit and look nice. The front has the basics and on the back of the bag I put any other information that might be important.

The down side to the blending method is that it gets my kitchen really messy and my family thinks I am getting crazier every year. They have however given up saying anything, they just look at me funny now. As long as I clean up my mess none of them get really irritated at me. My daughter flips if I leave soil on the counter or forget to empty the strainer in the sink (that goes back into the mix since everything is cleaned before I start).

I am so happy for this site, I don't feel like the only obsessed plant person out there. I can also tell my family that there are some people out there that are even worse than myself so they should be thankful I am not completely crazy (just a little crazy)! :-)

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