I saw an old garden gate magazine with

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

I saw an old garden gate magazine with an idea of how to make a hanging planter for trailing plants. It was genius, cheap and easy, but I'm going to try to take it a step further for a larger garden art project.

GGM idea
Get a 4in piece of pvc pipe, cut it approx 13 in long, glue a cap on one end, drill 3 sets of 4 holes one inch in diameter around the pvc also drill small holes around the top of the uncapped part of the pvc pipe so you can attach a hanger of some sort to those holes at the top of the pvc planter.
Cut a 12 inch long piece of 1 in diameter pvc and glue a cap on one end of it, then glue the bottom of that cap to the inside of the larger cap, centered in the middle.
Fill soil between the two pipes and place tiny seedlings in the holes, water through the center pipe.

I have been wracking my brain for a way to make a verticle garden of petunias through my chain link. This may very well be it. I started WS wave petunias and some other varieties too.

Now here is my expanded idea of this project and maybe you can help me figure it out.
I have some large septic tank pvc tubes, probably 6 feet or more long and never been used. What if I did the same as above and put it upright in cement or a whisky barrell? And I don't know... screen material or something rolled around the pipe or inside of the pipe so planting soil won't come out of the large pvc holes that are already there and I imagine are 2 or 3 inch holes.

That would be quite a plant pole. I could put a lot of cool drought tollerant plants in one that large or vines like MG, spyder plants...I could put one at the top or even put solar lighting on the top of the pole. I think I would put polymer crystals in with the soil to help with water retention. Do you think it would work? Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

If it worked I would love to buy more and make an arbor with two on the side and one across the top, screwed or tied to the other ones.

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