The Magical Sans

Agawam, MA

I just thought I'd pass along a chuckle that I got from my family.

I have several Sanservia (snake plant) leaves on my kitchen counter since the cut ends need to dry out or callous before inserting in potting mix. I have the leaves laying on top of the pot of soil where they will be placed when they are ready.

The other day, I walked into the kitchen and all the leaves were upright in the soil. My first thought was that I did it myself without thinking about it, so I pulled them back out. Twice more the plant magically became potted, so I thought someone was trying to be funny.

It actually turns out that on different instances every member of my family thought that they had accidently bumped the plant and knocked the leaves out. They were all so afraid of getting in trouble for "hurting" one of my plants, that they inconspicuously put it back together.

HHmmm, this makes me wonder how many of my other plants have been knocked and put back together? Maybe I outta check the china too!


Cute story!I love my sans,too.And so now I know that is what I do to them [dry and let it produce callous]before inserting in soil.No wonder I could never grow from a leaf!
And this happened to my bouganvillea; dh thought someone had maliciously placed a rock on a limb in ground. Going on 3rd wk so ,I was going to check for new roots.NOT! he had pulled it out! arghhh!

Valley Falls, NY(Zone 5a)

This is too funny! My dear, Gram, ALSO "Did me a favor",this weekend,..By placing my varigated, ROOTLESS Agave, IN the bowl of water with the water hyacinths. "Well", She said, "The poor thing was ALL dried out,..Just LAYING there on top of the pot,...I thought I'd "Save" him & give him a good drink",...Argh! Poor, ROTTED, little Agave!

So funny! dh did it again yesterday! Dumped my little bit of rain water out! arghhh! It was for plants on my porch.He thought heaven knows what, but was creating mosquitos!I can count on him to do anything that shouldn't be done.

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