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Cincinnati/ Hamilton county, Ohio research online

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I recently broke down a couple brick walls courtesy of some Hamilton county resources online. They’re free! Here are the ones I found:
If anyone needs Hamilton county records, they've got a boatload at & then hit Record Search & Archives on the left side menu. I got marriage certificates from the 1880's.

Spring Grove also has helpful records. Go to
Then hit Education on the left side menu, & then Genealogy under that menu. When you get the genealogy page, type in, for example, under last name, McCune and hit search. You'll get a listing of all the McCunes buried at Spring Grove. Now go down the list to Henry W. McCune. To the left of his name is a number 7037. CLick on that number and up will come a copy of an index card which will tell you his name, his parents names, cause of death, date of birth, date of death, time of funeral, where buried, who the plot owner was, undertaker sometimes, and often the cost & size of the coffin! Now go back to the list of all the McCunes. Note that Henry was buried in Section 39, lot 47. Now if you go back to the genealogy search page, you can go to the second type of search. Delete the McCune if it's still in the box and go to the Location section. Plug in 39 in the section box and 47 in the lot box and search. There you'll find a lot of people who don't seem to be McCunes-- until you look at their index cards & find daughters & wives & cousins.

Note that the first 4 people, all named Arbigust, seem to have died on the same date. Actually, their bodies were moved from a different cemetery & reburied at Spring Grove on that date. Cincinnatians seemed to do a lot of shifting around after death. Several church sponsored cemeteries that were downtown were dissolved & burials relocated to Spring Grove or other, more suburban, cemeteries. The latest batch of removals was from the park in front of Music Hall, which is being dug up to build an underground parking garage (& to try & relocate the homeless people who used to sleep there IMHO). The burials there were from a 19th century cholera epidemic.
Happy hunting,

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Oooh! Very fascinating! I can't wait to check out the Spring Grove records and the Probate court records too. Thanks, Pat

And just to add another tidbit about the Cemetery: Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum offers docent lead tours of the property. Tour topics include interpreting the 'funerial' art and sculptures, learning about the ancient "champion" trees and countless shrub varieties in the arboretum. Interested parties can call the cemetery to get more information about the tours. I have taken three and find it's a very fascinating place and not just for burials ~~they host weddings there too! Weird, I know!

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