New Century, Lydia Ray glasses

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

I found 12 of these cobalt blue glasses. One had a sticker on the bottom in my aunt's handwriting with the name of the glasses. I tried to find them on e-Bay, but there's very little blue depression glass listed. I found one site ( TSIA?) that had a tumbler that looked like mine, but it said it was 41/2" tall, mine are 5" from top to bottom. I'm sure these aren't reproductions because she had them boxed up and stored for so long. The discrepancy in size bothered me, tho. Could there be a different way of measuring?

Since there's 12 of them and they're in perfect condition, I don't think I'll use them for morning juice now (they cleaned up great in the dishwasher,however)!

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