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I may need your help big time

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

Janet has now decided 1 1/2 yrs later that she needs 200,000 because she was afraid of my baby geese(not the adult geese) and fell and broke her hand. I got the summons Friday afternoon. She is sueing Tim and I . She feared for her safety in the dangerous conditions of my yard with the geese running loose causing her to fall and break her hand.

She already filed a claim with my insurance that they denied when the accident happened because it was her fault but did pay 1000 guest medical. Now she has decided on a jury trail. I don't know anything yet. Hubbie dropped the papers off at the Insurance office night deposit so they have them first thing in the morning. I may need notorized letters(legal statements) about your visit here and how my geese acted towards you.
Thank you

Ripley, MS

Oh Donna, I have not visited your home, but I am so sorry to hear this. I know you must be stressed to the breaking point.
Some people see $$$$$$$ signs everywhere they look and think the world owes it to them---I wish Judge Judy could get the case--she will shame her and give her nothing.

Marks, MS(Zone 7b)

I dont know about your geese (havent ever met you), and I dont know much about the case, but, if these geese were in your yard, where they were supposed to be, and she came on your property, of her own free will, then, isnt that her responsibility? I mean, if I had a guard dog in my yard (which I have heard people sometimes do with geese), and a stranger came in my yard, and my dog let me know that someone who wasnt supposed to be there was there....thats MY property, and they were the one willing to take the risk. Might also depend on the state, but, I also have heard that in my state, if someone intrudes (not that i would) I have the right to shoot to kill. So, how is a little baby goose scaring someone who came in your yard gonna win them 200,000???? ridiculous! So many people out there wanting to make an easy buck any way they can, and not caring about who they hurt in the process, or what the overall consequences are!

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

OMG! Donna, this is terrible! I cannot believe that someone...that knew how many animals you have (and were scared) would even come close to your home! If you someone to be a character witness, I bet you could find 300+ on DG...and most of us have not ever seen you face to face! I am so sorry! I wish I could help but I have zero lawyers in my family or around my neighborhood. Please keep us updated!

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

she said she wasn't afraid of the geese and I have a Beware of Geese sign up right at the driveway at the garage before you go down into the yard or I wouldn't have let her come over to dig divisions of my plants and take cuttings that she wanted. The babies just came to greet her(squaking like geese do) and she freaked out. These were 3 1/2 month old babies I hatched from eggs and hand raised. The Adult geese didn't come near her. She was even hitting the babies with a bamboo pole. Maybe I should have her charged with animal cruelty.

I have had so many people over here and the geese haven't bothered any of them. That's why I posted this as I may need letters from the Ladies on this forum that have come to visit.

All State turned it over to their MS Attorneys this morning. Now I wait to hear from them

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Count me in Donna....I'll write a letter and have it notarized here. Let me know what you need. I feel that your insurance company has dealt with bogus claims before and will send her packing. As generous as you are to let people (her included) come into your gorgeous yard and dig, this woman should be ashamed of herself.

Marks, MS(Zone 7b)

was this lady someone from these forums? Or just someone local? Just curious. You all seem so friendly, and I cant imagine any of you doing that, but if she is from on here, she might be a scammer.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Hey Donna count me in. I wasn't afraid when I was there and you know me...I was everywhere!!!!

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

I too will be your support. Donna you're kind, loving and caring for others. A scammer like this should be sent packing. I'll be praying for possitive outcome. Please drop me a note if there is anything I can do.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I am hoping for your sake that this dies a quick death in some attorneys office. I am sure they have dealt with people like this before. Sadly to say though they may make her a lowball offer to drop the proceedings. It sometimes cost more in court proceedings than for what she might settle , even though you are in the right. This is why we carry insurance. Please don't let this affect your health any more than it already has. Let Allstate do their job. I am sure you can get several letters to help your cause. We all know how generous you are. May peace be with you keep you from a bad flare over this.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I can't believe people would do this sort of thing, Not knowing the law about this, but I swear it sounds like your gonna win this one Donna. Just by everything you've told us so far. I hope for your sakes, that you do and all this Stupidness can be over for you.

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

Count me in DonnaB. I will be happy to send a notarized statement if you need me to.
I really enjoyed my visit to your home.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Hey Mary!!! How are you doing? We need to go do lunch after I get Mary straight!!!

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

Thank you all so much
Still waiting to hear from the attorneys. They have 30 days to respond to the summons

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

So sorry, You wonder how these people can live with themselves when they try to steal like this. If you should have to go to court you need to find some of those dangerous 4 month old baby geese to take with you.

I would have been using the bamboo pole on the woman for scaring my baby geese.

Mobile, AL(Zone 8b)

DonnaB, I too was attacked by 2 geese in my early teens. They were not babys but just grown to adult size. My Family and the Family we were visiting did not warn me and none of us have been able to forget that visious attack. It still hurts when I remember it. It hurts cause I still get stomach cramps from laughing so hard. It was the most fun I had that whole visit. My mom could have really hurt herself when she fell off a back porch step laughing so hard. It took my friends 75 yr. old grandmother to chase those horrible monsters away. But everyone was scared of her. All she had to do was fold her arms stomp her feet and give them one of her scary looks. I just hope it gets to a jury. They will laugh that woman out of court. Good God some folks just have Poop for brains. Attacked by goslings. Even the legal folks are irritated by the greed and far fetched stretching of the truth tieing up the courts.I hope they fine her and give the $ to feed your geese. Whops sorry. But....no I'm not sorry.JIMT. Beef Sounds Great.JIMT.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Donna, have been lurking and following this and just wanted to say I hope this goes in your favor. I can't help but believe it will, but know it must be stressful to go thru it. Keep your chin and your spirits up and remember these wonderful support folks here who do know you and will speak on your behalf. Be sure to take pics and video of those vicious creatures you have there. JimT, thanks much for your story...Donna should write this one down. I'm still giggling....

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I know Elaine!!! I was holding my breath there for a second Jim T for fear you were damaged for life!!!!

(Zone 6b)

Thank God she has insurance too. Imagine trying to fight this alone.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

yeah but if they pay my rates get jacked up again. They doubled after Katrina already and my deductables went from 500 to 3600 for wind damage and 2500 for anything else

(Zone 6b)

Guess I am naive, because I didn't think of that. Yes, let's pray she does not win a single penny.

My neighbor fell in my garage last year and hurt her ankle. I just know her son tried to get her to sue me. I was so grateful she didn't break her foot or ankle, or I'm sure I would have been sued. She is disabled and doesn't see well, and didn't realize there were steps down.

No offense to her, but I don't want her in my garage again. She's a nice lady, but it's just too dangerous, for both of us.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Oh, I am sorry you are having to deal with this! Two thoughts popped into my head.

Riverland is correct. The insurance company will settle out of court which is not laying the liability on you... it is cheaper for them in the long run. But it makes you feel guilty nevertheless.

The other thought was... if you did NOT have insurance, it is likely she would have found that out and never sued. Folks look at insurance as though it is a money tree just waiting to be harvested.

I think you MSG folks need to put a warning label on JimToms' posts. I snorted coffee thru the nostrils!!! It still burns... lol Needed that good laugh this a.m. Thanks!

DonnaB ~ best wishes on this aggravation. Don't let it get you down.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

ROFL Pod!!!! I guess coffee is better than Coke. It not only burns it fizzes too lol

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

Talked with Attorneys and he said he may just want to talk to a few of you by phone. So if anyone that has been here with my geese is willing please send me a number where you can be reached during the day time hours. He said it will be further down the road if even needed at all. I appreciate your support

DeRidder, LA(Zone 9a)

Hope all goes well in your favor Donna!

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I guess I could not swear that I have met you in person...I would you know ;o) Good luck, Donna.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

If you came to Jeri's a few yrs back for a plant swap then we did meet Kim. Jeri wasn't there a thread and pics we posted??

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I have not ever been to Jeri's...she has been here ;o) You think that would count?! LOL I don't think so...

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I sent Donna my phone #. I have been to her house several times and loved all of her animals. One would nibble on my butt but I accused him of being fresh. LOL!!!!

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

oh they love to play tug of war with your clothes. Every time I sit down in the yard I would have one on each side of me knawing on the hem of my shirt or shorts. I did have one gander that was a little aggressive but he died and he never bothered Jeri or anyone that came. his name was Meanie

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Donna, Im so sorry this happened to you. You were allowing her to dig in your yard for free plants and she springs this on you??? My dad used to say, "You can sue anybody for anything. It doesn't mean you will collect anything." Boy, does this ever meet the criteria for "frivilous" lawsuit. I hope if it goes to court that the rules say SHE has to pay court costs if she loses, because she will lose. Terrified of baby geese??? Oh, please. Hang in there Donna. In my thoughts, Cam

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I have been over that way a couple of times but and after hearing about this didn't even call Donna and put her on the spot. A absolute shame because I always learned so much just listening to Donna!!! Entire afternoons would disappear in about 5 minutes time.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

There is nothing better than a nice visit with friends ;-) Time does fly. Sandi's DH had a nice nap on my porch swing while we were out in the yard lol

(Zone 6b)

My goodness, think of all the parks, zoos, lakes and ponds with ducks and geese where people love to go and feed them. Even the children handle the geese okay. Some can be a bit aggressive, but it sure isn't like a deadly pit bull. You can say "get back" and swing your arms a bit and they back off.

That woman has a real problem on her hands proving negligence.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

I sure pray it is so LFJ

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

how's it gong on the legal front... I don't know if would be helpful to talk to me or not.. as they never were a threat near me.. but feel free to have them call if needed...
I 'm 1/2 considerng a trip to the Florala gatherng/roundup.... I think JT said it was on the
16th of April.. would we be seeng ya'll there.. if not... perhaps I'll bop by to say HI as I did last year after going...when I didn't find you there.. maybe I can bring something of interest with me for you two ..from some of my stops along the way... yummy..

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Gordon, I wished I could join you and make it to the Fla. gathering/roundup group. I you do go. Give Donna a big hug for me too.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Hey Kim!!! Hope you are well!!!

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Hi sis. I'm doing well. Busy with gardening stuffs. How are you and yours? Missed you a bunch.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

Our Attorney sent our response and waiting to hear back. Gordon you know you are welcome here if you get the chance

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