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Ardmore, TN

I just got three africian violets and really don't know how to care for them so any help will be appreciated.

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Petaluma, CA

Mine are doing well with the Benign Neglect method.
I use a well drained potting soil kept slightly moist. Or I water them when they droop (lol.).
A bright light source but no sun. These are budding 6 feet away from an unblocked North window.
I'm getting ready to order a couple of fancy pots with a wick and reservoir for them. These two have hung in there so very well, I want to give them something special.

Agawam, MA

Mine also seem to do OK without much attention. I have AV's on every windowsill except South, water sparingly once a week and they do fine. They fuss a little during the winter when it gets cold on the sills (leaves turn variegated which is sort of cool), but still do OK. They seem to flower just as much whether I fertilize or not, so I don't even bother with that anymore.
Good Luck, Cindy

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

i never fertilize my african violets, and if they have the right window with the right light (not too strong, not too weak) and a good dose of "benign neglect" (they prefer to get fairly dry between waterings) they should do very well. i don't know who started the myth that they are a difficult houseplant. i personally find them one of the most satisfying because they flower so regularly.

one thing i do is pinch a couple of the little baby leaves out of the center occasionally. this seems to encourage blooming and, when the plant does bloom, it gives the buds room to pop their little heads up. garden on!

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

oh, yeah, the other thing about av's is they seem to like the pot to be on the smallish size -- the outside circumference of the leaves should be the same as the pot rim. yay violets!

Agawam, MA

I agree with karenmarie - they do not bloom as readily unless somewhat pot-bound. Also, leaves cut off from about the third row (not too young or old) root very easily in soil if you want more AV's.

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

i am trying now to propogate a new av from a leaf from an existing plant ... i am waiting v-e-r-y patiently ... lol ... it's been in this little pot of dirt for about 6 weeks and though the leaf is still alive i haven't seen any new growth happening ... any tips, cindy m?

Agawam, MA

If the leaf is still alive you're in good shape! There are several things that could effect how long it takes for a new plant to emerge:

1. the length of stem inserted into the soil - the longer the stem, the longer it takes for the new plant to emerge from the soil

2. age of the leaf - if the leaf was taken from one of the last rows of leaves it could take quite awhile, or possibly never produce a new plant.

3. variety - some of my AV's grow new plants rather quickly, and others take longer

I've taken quite a few AV leaf cuttings and my rule is if it takes longer than six months for a new plant to emerge, I get rid of it and start a new leaf.

HTH, Cindy

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

wow so great! thanks cindy :)

i don't remember from where i pulled the leaf, but very likely an outer one, rather than a middle one, and i'm sure i remember there being a fair amount of stem. i will get myself a couple more of these tiny pots and try middle leaves from a couple other violets. now THESE would make excellent gifts for people if i can get it to work!

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

here's 2 web site to help learning more about African Violet

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7a)


I've had lots of success propagating AV leaves from mini & semi-mini AVS as well as regular size. Have tried water rooted & soil rooted; the thing that works best for me is a mix of 50/50 perlite/vermiculite & enclosing the whole thing (I use clear plastic cups, both as the pot & the cover, but probably a baggie or zip-lock bag would be fine).

It seems to keep the humidity in well enough for them, to root, but not so well for them to rot. When done like this I usually get new plantlets w/in one month. HTH = hope this helps.

Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 5a)

My AV's bloom really well with Miracle Grow for African Violets! I have most of mine in pots that have a water well that the plant sit on top of. I bought all of the pots from Walley World.

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

thanks a bunch you guys! i'm busy making notes and adding the hyperlinks to my "favorites" list so I can make more violets!

be well.


Ardmore, TN

I want to thank all of you for your help I really appreciate it a lot so THANKS ALL.


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