Interesting aroid

noonamah, Australia

Not my photo, got it off the internet. But this is an aroid I'd really love to have. I like the look of aroids and I also like the look of palms. This seems to satisfy both sides.

Thumbnail by tropicbreeze
Williston, ND

too cool,id love to have one too,

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

tropicbreeze..very cool plant.. do you know the name? here in utah i know id have to winter inside sigh
im always on outlook for an unusual plant to add to my gardening...despite how difficult it may
be to grow here.. nothing ventured nothing gained.. :)
if ya know..or find out what the plant is.. hope ya post it thanks...

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Looks like an old Xanthosoma - my smaller ones have short trunks but I can see from the leaf shape and overall morphology that this picture is of a Xanthosoma specimen of significant age to have a trunk that tall. The tallest one I've seen "live" had a trunk about 3 feet tall.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

Really stunning, would love to have one of those.. I also share the same love of palms and elephant ears.. These are great.... I was watching this show house hunters international, and they had something that looked like that but the leaves were roundish.. That was in bali I believe... There is so many plants out there, I don't thing any of us will ever get bored... Thanks for sharing this pic

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

thanks lariann... ive always had EE in my gardens..but this last yr..i made more of an effort for bigger plants. i watered,fertilized
them really the soil i put them in..
thai giants i got from brians botanicals were qt size plants ..but by august last summer the leaves were
over 6' long and 4' wide.. and they bloomed too.. i was thrilled !!!
i have them wintering in the house.. and they seem to be doing good.. i dont know if they will get even bigger this
summer..but.. :) sure can hope..
? whats the biggest size anyone has got on the thai giant? im guessing those of u in tropical/semi tropical areas
get some nice size on your plants... lucky u guys!!! :)
thanks for all your info here .. always learning..

noonamah, Australia

Yes, it is a Xanthosoma, but don't know the species, or whether they're just over grown X. robusta, being a little more robust than usual. I have a small (compared to that) X. robusta which has a mighty long way to get to those proportions.

The photo was taken in Costa Rica in Braulio Carrillo National Park.

Keaau, HI

It does look like Xanthosoma robusta.

I've never seen one standing up so tall. Here they tend to fall over when the stem (rhizome) gets long.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

i have 4 X. robustas..2nd yr now.. i know i'll never get a plant the size of your pic.. ;( sigh..
they are doing well though. all my tropicals are doing better..this last 2 weeks have been HOT..
and dry. we had a big rain storm last week.. and YEA.. were getting more this weekend !!!! YEA
with the higher humidity..temps mid 90s F they are lovin it..
hope to get some really HUGE size this yr off some of my EE..!!!

noonamah, Australia

My robustas were split up and planted out a few months back. At the moment they're waiting for the season to change. We're now mid winter (or, to be pedantic, one day off mid winter). Yesterday the minimum was 19C and maximum 35C. I'm inland, so on the coast it was a higher minimum and lower maximum. But it can still go up and down a bit for another month before it really warms up.

This is what they look like today. In a couple of months they should power up a bit.

Thumbnail by tropicbreeze Thumbnail by tropicbreeze Thumbnail by tropicbreeze Thumbnail by tropicbreeze
Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

very nice tropic.. my robustas sent out pups/runners last yr..i left them attached..but with last rain
they seem to pop in sure with our dry air..theyve been gasping..
i keep them well watered..just air is so dry.. with our humidity going up lately
all my tropicals have been singin out there.. :)

noonamah, Australia

Mine are waiting for the humidity too. Daytimes it gets quite low even though nights it still goes up. Our minimum temp today was 22.2C and the maximum was 34.5C. Humidity ranged from around 90% at night but down to 30% during the day. During the wet season at nights it's 99% and down to near 60%, on a "dry" day. Well, we've just passed the mid point of winter, that feels good and I'm sure the plants feel the same.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

hope ya get warmer weather soon tropic..
wow.. 99% humidity at nite..whew.. reminds me when i lived in
houston,TX.. no matter how much i tried..i was always damp.. lol
lawn here is really green..odd for mid july in utah.. but i couldnt be happier..:)
amorphs,and EE, bananas..sure look happier with the rain weve had..
here 20 % humidity in summer is normal .winter is even drier..humidity that is..
ive got to devise something for my "tropical" amorphs to stay happier..and grow big during

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

The best way to get that high humidity in a greenhouse is to use an ultrasonic fogger. I have several available if you are interested - d-mail me. What they produce is not a mist, but a true cloudlike fog. Also, you mentioned that you had pups of X. robusta - I have X. sagittifolium + pups but not X. robusta. Care to share?


Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

thanks lari ann.. last yr was an interesting one.. EE didnt get huge like usual..but
i got a TON of pups.. and off your wonderful robudora..:)
i would be happy to share ..i'll d-mail ya..
i have a friend that uses something like a fogger in his greenhouse.. his tropicals
are always fantastic.. no "dripping " water. just high humidity..
which i think my tropical amorphs are going to need in jan-feb this winter..

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