Do you believe spring is already here?

(Zone 9b)

The weather has been so perfect for a couple of weeks now. It is almost summer warm here! Spring is definitely popping out all over.

Today I went to a spot I go to when I can smell spring in the air for a huge dose of bright yellow! Gets me going. Spring is my most favorite time of the year! I love it that we are starting it so early!

Now tell me if you walked past this sight, would you not stop and stare for a moment. Enjoy it? Be thrilled by it? I stood on the bike trail for about 45 minutes waiting till the tide came in so I could get some yellow reflection in the water below it. I watched so many walkers and bikers go by it and hardly anyone even looked at it! I was so shocked. How could you not!

Thumbnail by Kell
Petaluma, CA(Zone 9a)

Wow - I would have stopped....
Where is that picture taken at?

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Yes, Kell, I do believe that people are blind to the beauty that surrounds them. It happens all the time.
I appreciate the 45 minutes that you waited for the tide to come in, so you could see the yellow reflection of the tree in the water. Beautiful! :-)
ditto what ShepMike asked.

(Zone 9b)

I still can't believe so many souls did not even notice a huge bright yellow thing right in front of them! LOL I live for sights like that! Enought that I go back every year to visit it a few times. I am trying to figure out which acacia it is. I had thought it was Acacia dealbata but then I saw that Acacia baileyana looks so similar to Acacia dealbata. Shoot!

This was taken at the San Leandro Bay (you can see it) just as it flows into the San Francisco Bay. I believe it is still considered San Leandro and not Alameda.

Tonight we were in San Francisco. I was so surprised to see the plum trees (the ones with that great dark purple leaves) in full flower. Rain this weekend so I hope it does not knock off all the blooms prematurely!

I jinxed our warm weather! Today it got cold! Dropped to the 50s! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Plum trees in flower in San Francisco in January!

Thumbnail by Kell
Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Great picture, Kell. Topanga Canyon down here has lots of Acacia's growing in it. They're breath taking when in full bloom...brief though they are.

Things here are all out of whack as far as their bloom schedules go. My dwarf purple leaf plum is starting to bloom, too...about two months early. I just pruned my roses two weeks ago and they're already leafing out and so are my Clematis. Very strange...they usually sit dormant for 6 weeks.

(Zone 9b)

You remind me I must get going on my rose pruning too. You are right, I am way late!

We just drove down 580 to Oakland and there were so many acacia in full bloom. I love them though my husband was not impressed. He has allergies. I also saw a huge magnolia in full bloom. So really early here. You are warmer so I would think you are even in more bloom.

Of course today it feels like winter again. With rain too. That will teach me to be boastful..

North Fork, CA(Zone 7b)

I'm enjoying the nice weather, too, Kell, and I, too, love Spring! In February and March...even April, we've had a lot of snow in other years, so I'm cautious about calling it Spring here yet! I'm seeing the new growth pop up under the dry twigs of my perennials, so I'm out today doing more trimming and winter cleanup. I'm thinking of beginning a clutter clean-up series of articles just to light a fire under my own behind!

Really nice the dimension of the dark plum blossoms, not quite white, not full pink, the Acacia, I hope I would stop, too!

Sierra Foothill Garden

No Central, AZ(Zone 7b)

I had that early regrowth under the twigs and made the mistake of trimming the dead stuff. Of course, we had a freeze right after.... Hope they can come back again. Forecast is for cold rain this weekend. Original forecast snow down to 2000', but has changed to 3000'. We are only at 1350', but that still means cold.

Kell, your photos are great and yes, it is amazing how people do not take the time to admire the visuals we have been gifted. My DH cannot understand my comments admiring those visuals - last Fall with inordinate amount of colorful foliage and the spring wildflowers and blooming Plum trees now. He is quick to complain about the "HORRIBLE" weather we had yesterday (of and on showers/sun to the tune of .17 in and hi of 60!) and wanted to know how long that will continue. I think SOMEONE, hint, hint, needs to spend some time in real weather.

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