pollenizing in the garden

Seattle, WA

Last year was my first in my greenhouse. While neighbors were astounded at the growth, I soon realized the squash were over running everything and also producing little fruit for all the growth.

This year the squash will be planted on the end of the raised beds and be trained away from the rest of the plants. I also want to learn how to pollinate the veggies for more production. Any help you can share with me on the proper techniques and tools for pollinating in the greenhouse would be appreciated.



St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

geneso, with my cucumbers, I picked one flower and used it as a brush, rubbing the pollen areas on the other flowers. Just pretend to be a busy bee, you don't have to be perfect. It was so fun to pick cukes in the winter.

Johns Island, SC

I just use a Q-Tip, geneso. The pollen sticks to it like glue, but there always seems to be enough pollen transfered to effect pollination. I use it on my citrus every year, and it seems to work just fine. Label them though! One Q-tip for each specie. Keep them seperated in little plastic zip-lock baggies. I learned this the hard way... Key Lime pollen just won't work to pollinate Salvia...or any other non-citrus. But it WILL pollinate other citrus, resulting in some interesting (if useless) plants that take years of effort to discover...

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