3rd Annual Windchime Swap/1st SEMI-annual Windchime Swap

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Ok, you asked for it, you got it! The annual swap will now be a semi-annual swap.. February and September :)

It's time..time to chime!! :) Are you as ready for spring and spring breezes as I am? Are you looking forward to hearing the soft, tinkling sounds of windchimes? I AM!! So join me as we do our third annual swap of windchimes!

I will take names of participants until February 15th and I'll send out names on the 16th. This is a secret buddy swap, so no one tell whose name you're sending to :) The windchimes will need to be sent by February 28th..please try to keep to that date and no later..

If you'd like to tell us your favorite type of chimes, please feel free..BUT there is no obligation on your buddy's part to get that particular type :) That's part of the fun, to get something new and different..who knows..you might find a NEW favorite by doing so!

My rules are simple:
1. Buy or make your buddy a windchime (let's keep it to no more than $20 plus shipping)
2. Post a picture when you receive your chime..we love seeing all the varieties of what everyone receives
3. Have fun :)

That's it... now who needs a new set of windchimes besides me??

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(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Saved for the list of the Windchime Fanatics :)

1. Clancampbell (Chris) ^_^
2. FOTV (Susan)
3. Ridesredmule (Charleen)
4. janaestone (Di)
5. Bettypauze (Betty)
6. momoftwo607 (Erin) ^_^
7. ilovejesus99 (Sandy)
8. deejay9 (Sue)
9. purpbutfly (Cindy)
10. Crit (Patti) ^_^
11. Mud_Elf (Kris)
12. dardee4 (Darla)
13. irisluvr0252 (Debbie) ^_^
14. Robynznest (Robin) ^_^

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Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Yes, ma'am. Please add me on your list.

Glass, tubes, bamboo, shells, metal...anything goes here!

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

me, me, me. this will be my first windchime swap. i love them all !

(Di) Seven Mile, OH(Zone 6b)

Add me, Chris. My first time as well and I like just about any kind.

Victoria Harbour, ON

ahhhh better add me to this one..

Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)

Add me to the list. I've been waiting! =D I love them all ! Bamboo,glass,metal..


(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Thanks ladies :) You've been added..

Have you noticed how many windchimes are already out in the stores?? I found one really cool one last month and got it..then once I get a name, I'll add something more personal to go with it.

Where are all the windchime people at???

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I would like to join Please.

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Two days in and you're wondering where the tinkling folks are? LOL I bet you a margarita more than 10 folks sign up in the next two weeks. And what about the mail out date.....it's your B-Day!

Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)

I was thinking the same thing fotv! Extra presents for Chris! =)

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)



Victoria Harbour, ON

I was in the garden center yesterday as well and saw a beautiful chime..thought I'd wait for my name as my swap buddy just might have preference to what kind of chime she would like.

I'm sure there will be lots of straglers..perhaps I'll go back in next years and send them all a link IF that is ok with you!

(Cindy) Auburn, CA(Zone 10a)

Hello Chris,

I want to be in this one. Can't make anything for a few months but a windchime I can buy.
I'm having surgery on my hands for arthritis. My right hand is first and my surgery is Feb 7th.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sandy nice to see you on a thread...hope all is well with you!!!

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)


(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

@Fruity- I'm hoping for at least 25 this year :) And yes, I did it on my birthday on purpose, because the next one is in Sept and the send date on it will be Glen's birthday. It's one little way to remember him :) My bday is Feb 28 and his was Sep 28.. and to make it a little weird, he passed away on April 28, 2009. He has a sister who was born on Dec 28 and I have a brother who was born May 28. LOL..yes, we always thought the 28th was "our" day..

@Betty- yes, please do! I don't mind at all..

@Cindy- so good to see you! Hope everything goes well with the surgery..

Welcome to Sandy and Sue.. glad to have you here! Sue, I'll go over to the Swap thread and add your Valentine swap on there too.

I'm going to have to take a picture..we literally are having a blizzard and really close to whiteout conditions! I left work at noon cause I knew it was going downhill this afternoon.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Chris, have the day off tomorrow because of the storm, well being prepared, if it doesn't snow then I can say I have 'groundhog' day off so will do it then.

Clear sky out there now but that can change very quickly..my kids are all going to Toronto tonight, have tickets for hockey game..go Toronto Maple Leaf team.....so let's hope the snow waits until they are all back home safely..

Lot's of anniversaries on the 28th...much the same here..Roger died New Years Day, my eldest's birthday is New Years Day, anniversary on same day as hubby's birthday so often a reminder of what to celebrate and what to remember..

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

I've been waiting for this one!!!! Count me IN! I like all kinds of windchimes except bamboo. I have one huge bamboo one that was my mothers, but I prefer the other kinds. I have several 'tinkly' kind, one with a little deeper tone would be a nice addition.

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

In the past, I've jumbled up numbers representing birthdays and anniversaries of deceased family members when I bought lottery tickets. It's been a looong time since I've bought one, and of course never hit the jackpot, but did occasionally win a free ticket. There's always a long line at the stores when we have a Mega Jackpot and hubby is quick to remind me if we don't play, there's no chance of winning. I just say "oh well" and pass up buying one. Nowadays I'd rather spend money on Friends in swaps instead of taking empty chances.

You'll have a good time here, Patti. Don't think there were any duplicate chimes last year.....were there Chris? I love them all and can't wait to get my name.

I'll be thinking about you Monday, Cindy, and hope both your surgeries go well.

Elfie @ Goodwater,, AL(Zone 7b)

I would like to play please!!!!
I like anything except bamboo, would love anything "beachy" as we are remodeling with a sea shore type decor here.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

I've now got the windchime so will sit quietly waiting for my name! Lovely windchimes they were, know I've about 3 in my garden that remind me of DG members..one may be still chime'ing away saying 'go away snow/go away snow' lol

(Darla) Dubuque, IA(Zone 5a)

I've been waiting for this. Sign me up please . Can never have to many windchimes :)

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

would my partner send me a tree to hang from :) HEHE I have to hang mine on my decks :)

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Oh Elfie..... would be great if I got your name. I have an idea in my head that I think you would like. That is, IF I can get it to work out the way it did in my head. lol

deejay, I hang some of mine on shepards hooks. Most of them are hung around my deck. Never have hung them from the trees. May have to try that!

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Fruity, you're right.. I don't think we've ever had duplicates in either of the previous swaps..and that to me is amazing :)

I'm not sure that I have a favorite kind..although I do appreciate the deeper tones and all of mine are hung around the house right now..It's in my lease that I can't hang them outside cause I'm in an apartment complex.. how rude!!

I'll get you newbies added up top.. welcome!!

Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)

Thats ridiculous that you can't hang them on your balcony! oh my gosh. I've never heard of such a crazy thing! Getting the kids ready this morning and going to get our taxes done. Atleast we know we're getting some kind of money with 2 kids! LOL


Victoria Harbour, ON

Chris, how sad, I've got mine hanging all over the yard, neighbor isn't fond of trees, oh well too bad so sad, planted 6' of flowering crabs the entire length of the drive, my side of course, then made comment about the sound of my pond, I just said 'to me it's so relaxing, then the chimes, noisy at times...can't win..thank goodness at the back of my property is a municipal right of way - forest, the other side, can't see neighbors for trees so I put up with his barking dog, teen music day/night, the brrrmm/brrrrm idling of motorcycles so he can get used to mine...

That being said, after looking at my yard his wife did plant a few trees and has made a garden out front..he does come from time to time to walk my gardens and admire so guess you can call us 'good neighbors'..lol

Yesterday while walking in Garden Gallery they were just starting to put out windchimes..not as nice as the one I've already got, but nice just the same..

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Lafayette, IN(Zone 5a)

Glad I checked in! I would like to participate!

Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)

Betty, those are some gorgeous windchimes!

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

I Found A Very nice one today So I;m REady :)))
good Nite all.

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

I have such a hard time trying to decide on just one.. there's so many that I fall in love with :) Something I need to do, though, is learn how to re-string them. One that Glen gave me is starting to fall apart and I need to get it redone.

Welcome, Iris.. I'll add you to the list :)

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

I have a couple I need to restring too Chris. Let me know what you find out.

Pittsburg, MO(Zone 6b)

I wanna play. I so need spring to get here. I would really love to have a bamboo chime with no ceramics in it. Our wind can be vicious and I like my chimes outside.

Snowed another 2 inches this morning and we are expecting more Sun, Mon and Tues. maybe even Wed. Send plows now, I'm driving everyone crazy including me.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

O.K. May I join too?

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Of course!!! Glad you two decided to come play with us :)

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Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

One of mine needs restringing now after all this blasted wind.

Anxious to receive my buddy's name sometime Wednesday :)

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

They didn't get broke?? that is wonderful!

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

It's a metal tube type. Restringing that kind is tricky, at least for me being mechanically challenged, and will use the same technique when another one came apart last year... put a similar one next to it to go by all the ins and outs.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Just too exciting, sister's dog Innuschuk just won best of breed at the Westminster Dog show in NYC..3rd year in a row..tonight competion for best of group category

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