I thought it was normal everywhere

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Have any of you gone to ride at someone else's professional facility and *not* signed a release? You know, the form "horses are dangerous, it's my bill if I get hurt, and the horse owner's bill if the horse gets hurt."...

I thought that was standard everywhere, but seems not so much here..


KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I never signed anything when I took my lessons. Never thought anything about it really. But I have heard of places that have them and it's usually highly reccomended.

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Pepper... so I am curious... if you got hurt on a lesson horse, would you be looking to the horse owner to help pay medical bills? If the horse stumbled and got hurt during a lesson with you aboard, would you also expect the owner to pay for the vet care?

I hired someone to ride Romeo for a month, and she refused to sign a standard liability and quit.. I am shocked.. It only released responsibility to me if she got hurt. I was 100% responsible for damage to horse and property, no matter how it happened... I am stunned..

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

It would really depend on how bad it was. If I needed help then I would talk to them about it and hoped we could reach a deal.

As for vet care, I got lucky and never had to worry about it but the trainer and I would have talked it over and gone from there. If she asked me to contribute I would have done it. Same for medical bills.

Richmond, TX

I think a release is pretty standard at most stables around here - now. In the past I took lessons and rode other people's horses and no one used releases. Perhaps it is less common among western riders?

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Yeah I think so. Girl is a barrel racer... apparently she and her family disapproved. So that's over before it started.

Huron, OH(Zone 5b)

sad. Here I didn't sign one at the first barn we were. When I took lessons since, always signed one. Safer for everyone, I think.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I agree it is safer.

Perth,, ON(Zone 5a)

in a society where everyone seems sue happy, it's a good idea to protect yourself.

I'm sorry it did not work out as you had hoped.

San Jose, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi! I never knew there was an equine forum on this "garden" page. I only visit the garden stuff. Here in California, it's required , especially by your equine stable insurance provider. We have a small boarding facility and are mostly western, but all visitors who are around the horses must sign a release form too. The horse could step on them, or worse, get kicked.
Anyway, I'm not on the Forum frequently, just happened to be browsing today. (P.S. enjoyed the garter snake story from last summer.)

Richmond, TX

Welcome! Join us any time.

Medina, OH

gprevost-glad YOU enjoyed it. Actually I can't help but smile when I reread the thread. Doubt I'll smile when/if we ever have a thaw
and they wake up. S.

San Jose, CA(Zone 9b)

Thank you for the welcome!

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

I have never ridden at anyone's facility or taken lessons so I can't speak first hand. I did try out a horse at a guy's barn and bought her. Didn't sign anything but everybody has a sign posted about a law that states "horses can be dangerous and the owner is not libel" ect. Of course it is not worded like that but you get the drift. I thought this was a national law. I know it is a state law here.

Huron, OH(Zone 5b)

I think most states have a law like that now.

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