swarm traps

Tucson, AZ

Getting close to swarm season down here, and would like to find out differant was to catch spring swarms. The box traps as well as lures, ya'll have used.

Southbury, CT

Go to www.horizontalhive.com as they provide free plans for a swarm trap. Lemongrass oil, as well as some old comb in the swarm trap supposedly work as a lure. Bee supply companies also sell pheromone lures to use in a swarm trap. I am not sure how to keep wax moths away from the swarm trap if there is old comb inside. Placement of sawrm trap is suggested to be 12 to 15 feet off the ground on a tree with a good horizontal branch to rest the trap on. Use bungee cords to secure the trap to the tree. Good luck!

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