why wont my plumeria bloom?

Mumbai, India

hi guys, am new to this forum..

i have a question.. i've had this plumeria for over a year now.. but there's absolutely no signs of blooming
the leaves dont look to healthy either! and a couple of them have curled up...
whats going wrong?

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Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Am I seeing wrong, or is it planted in pure peat moss?

Los Angeles, CA

Looks like you have it under shade & your potting mix looks compacted.
Are you using dirt in a pot?
If you are, consider that every time you water
it will settle and compact leaving very little oxygen for the roots.
You will have lack of drainage and it could cause rotting.
Basically, your roots will suffocate.
You could also introduce disease and other contaminates.

If you decide to repot, try using soilless potting mix.

Plumerias also love sun. I try to keep my plumerias away from shade. If possible, all day sun for my plumerias.
My plumerias in the summer loves to be watered early in the morning (both foliar and soil) right before the intense heat of the day starts to kick in. Leaves are lush and flowers are intense. As the weather cools (seasonally) I back off on the watering.

And if you planted your plumeria in pure peat moss, try mixing or enriching it with other ingredients and nutrients such as:
Vermiculite, Compost, Bark, Coir, Worm Castings, Perlite or Pumice, Bone Meal (Phosphorous), Blood Meal or Dried Kelp (Nitrogen), Dolomitic Limestone (calcium, magnesium raises pH).

Better yet, if you are not comfortable with making your own mix, buy potting mix (already premixed). Not potting soil.
Keep trying and I hope your plumeria perks up.

Virginia Beach, VA

I have cuttings in pots that are over 2 years old and had not bloomed. You might also want to use a bigger pot. Belle

Mumbai, India

i make sure the potting mix isnt caked or too compact, and i feed with ferts too.
im going to try a bigger pot..

i guess its all about the sunlight.. and sadly nothing much i can do about that :(

thanks guys!

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