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Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Is anyone here a member of IVS or has anyone heard of it. We went to a presentation the other day and although not timeshares it is similar with condo vacation rentals?

Purcellville, VA

Not a member, but got the postcard. Did you recieve a voucher for a vacation and airline tickets?

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Yes and we are waiting to get the information packets on the cruise and air. We had to send them a "refundable deposit" for the FREE trip, but should not be a problem getting it back. It was $99 for the cruise and $75 for the tickets. I have looked at the website since we are now members and am not sure that the deals are any better than what I can find online for "last minute deals". However, they do offer some tours on a grand scale that are considerably cheaper.
I have them checking into taking one of our weeks at Christmas as we always go away then, so we shall see what they come up with?

Charleston, WV

Any information about this service would be greatly appreciated. Thinking about signing up with them.

[email protected]

Westminster MD, United States

We went to a presentation and the price dropped from 6K to 4K like a brick for the "Premium Package (vs. the 10K on their site.) I've read some conflicting stories on line. The freebe cruise and air offered by VIP travel reservations does require the deposit mentioned by haighr. I'm reluctant to send them anything because BBB has them rated "F" and a lot of people say that they have been ripped off so I'm interested in exactly how refundable is the deposit. It's interesting that everyone who posted a comment is relatively close geographically and that the Free gifts vary

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

I got my deposit refunded, but had to ask for a supervisor to have it expedited otherwise would have taken 8 weeks, but I did get the check in 3! They had so many restrictions on the FREE trip and air that it just wasn't worth it to us!

Kent, OH

Just went to the presentation tonight. We became members at half the price offered in the presentation, with 2condo weeks. We are leary about the "free" cruise offer after all we've read online, but we did know you do have to pay taxes/ fees to get it. I think the best savings is just on the condo stays not on the other vacations like cruises and all inclusives... Some get that confused I think because it all happens so fast. When I looked at the BBB rating it shows a "C" and that's partly because they are not accredited with the BBB. We are not sure if we will benefit from this or not...wondering if we should cancel, although it costs a lot just to do that. Any new info? I'm in Ohio.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

We did not have the option to cancel, they had us sign a waiver that we would not invoke the 30 day cancellation. Did you do the same? We took the same deal for 2 weeks. Sent the $ for the FREE cruise and air and it was almost impossible to book so we got our money back for those. Have not used it yet, still haven't given us any info for a request for March 2012??? Beginning to think we threw away $3600. Every offer we have inquired about has had strings attached at a cost.

florida, United States

my friend is an IVS member , but condo vacation is good option try travel there in month of april best time for vacations at there.

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