Heirloom Short Season Corn Variety

Helena, MT

For the past four years I have grown a short season, hybrid, super sweet corn. Twice now I have had trouble ordering seed and have decided to try something different. I would like to go to a variety which I can save the seed for next year’s crop. Fortunately I have managed in the past to just make harvest prior to a hard freeze and I would prefer to plant about a sixty day variety if possible. I realize I may have to give up something on flavor, but too many of my seeds are being back ordered these days and I have decided to plant more varieties in which I can save my own seed. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.


Glenwood Springs, CO(Zone 5b)


I ran across these seed suppliers that specialize in short season seeds. Hope it helps.




Helena, MT

Thanks Sonny. It's probably just my paranoia, but I keep getting vibes that garden seeds are getting harder to come by each year. I keep ordering earlier and keep finding backorders on every order. I haven't considered saving corn seed until this latest backorder which isn't the first. Two years ago I was too late and when I ran out of corn seed I was told there wasn't any more available. Now I'm ordering seed in January and I'm backordered again. Funny thing is I have bought the same hybrid corn seed from two different sources in the past and got different results from each supplier. I was told by Shoe that in order to save corn seed I should save at least 50 ears for genetic diversity reasons. This would be about 10 percent of my crop assuming two ears per stalk. This is fine by me, but I would have to try and convince my neighboring gardeners to grow the same corn, or who knows what I would end up with. I currently provide seed corn for my next door neighbor, but more people are starting gardens in the area each year. I've seen how easy it is two cross pumpkins with winter squash and come up with some unusual plants from saved seeds, so it looks like I will have to be more careful about how I go about saving seeds if I plan to be self sufficient in that area. Thanks again Sonny for the response.

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