growing fava beans in zone 5-6

Sherman, CT

Has anybody had success? If so, I'll assume you started seeds indoors, but when? Thanks for any information.

Windsor, CT(Zone 6a)

Yes! They were really easy. The only issues I had were figuring out when they were ripe, and keeping them from flopping over after a certain point.

Just plant the seed in the ground. As early as you can. I didn't note it, but I suspect that I used some kind of inoculant too, since they're N fixers.

I sowed mine April 11th last year, (coulda/shoulda been earlier) and was eating the last of them around July 4th. They were really tasty. Worth the extra effort of shelling & then peeling off the outer layer on the bean. I am so planting more this year! Alot more. And maybe a fall sowing too.

I had a minor aphid infestation, but the local wasps came along and took care of them in a very short time. It was wild to see the ants try to chase them off.

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

I love Fava Beans. I grow them during the winter. I plant them close together so they keep each other up.

Thumbnail by drthor
Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

No need to start indoors - they can be planted outdoors as soon as you can plant peas. My plants did NOT require staking here in Colorado. Plants will probably not make it through the hot part of the summer, but you may be able to plant a second batch as a fall crop (again, more like peas than beans).

Sherman, CT

Thanks so much for the helpful information! Will try planting a few outdoors in early April and hope for the best!

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

My Fava Beans burned to the grow after the "Super bowl" storm. We were below freezing for 4 days.
The plants are still alive and they are starting to pop out after cutting the brown branches.
This is the first time that happens in 4 years of growing fava beans in the fall/winter here in Dallas.

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