SOLVED: Houseplant ID??- unusual leaves, stem goes to middle of leaf

Hamilton, ON(Zone 6a)

Hi I've had this plant for several years, it is easy to care for. The person who gave it to me called it a pancake plant because of the round flat leaves. The leaves are attached to a woody slow growing vine by a stem that is in the middle, more or less, of the leaf. This picture shows my husband's hand holding part of the vine with leaves and a flower stalk. It has never flowered before, and it is February; the room the plant is in has temp of 13-15 C(55-60F) at this time of year. I am usually OK at finding IDs, but I've never seen another of these plants. Can you help?
Thanks, Jane C.

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Decatur, GA

Beefsteak Begonia.

Hamilton, ON(Zone 6a)

I sure it is not a beefsteak begonia, on that begonia picture the stems go to the edge of the leaf. Also, my plant's leaves are very smooth. Here is a picture of the back of a leaf and how the stem is attached.
More suggestions gladly awaited!
Thanks, Jane C

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SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

Maybe some kind of Podophyllum or Hydrocotyle?

Mol, Belgium(Zone 8a)

I think it's Pilea peperomioides.



Hamilton, ON(Zone 6a)

Thanks to all, Carlos got it right. It is a Pilea peperomioides, which has a fascinating history. Common names are Chinese money plant and missionary plant, and it is native to Yunnan area of China.

To learn more see

Jane C.

Santa Rosa, CA

I like that plant. :-)

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