Anyone have a Wish List of new Dianthus that they buying?

Beaver Falls, PA(Zone 6a)

I just received my Bluestone Perennial Catalog and they always have some very pretty varieties of Dianthus that I think about purchasing. Does anyone have some really special varieties that they are looking for this year?


Nutley, NJ(Zone 6b)


Funny you should ask that question. Some of my Dianthus are actually becoming exposed, after being buried under 3 and 4 foot snow drifts for almost 2 months now. I had most of the Dianthus in large pots and surprisingly most appear to be alive or they have been flash frozen and are well preserved. With the real possibility that the winter might actual be coming to a close, I have been thinking about spring planting.

I went to the Bluestone Perennials website ( and ran the following search for Dianthus, which yielded 19 hits:

There were two offerings which are of interest to me:

Dianthus Itsaul White

Dianthus Collection

I have been looking for some whites for a breeding project and the “Dianthus Itsaul White” looks very interesting. I need to know if this Dianthus is pollen sterile or not and will Email the vendor to find out.

I have been thinking about giving some Dianthus this spring as gifts to graders who don’t have Dianthus and the “Dianthus Collection” sampler provides a very nice cross section of the Dianthus under cultivation.

Bluestone Perennials gets high marks in Garden Watchdog ( and is recommended by Rand B. Lee (

How does the online list of Dianthus compare to the catalog?

p.s. If you need to post a very long URL string, such as the Dianthus search, use to compress the URL.

Beaver Falls, PA(Zone 6a)

I counted the varieties on the two pages in the Bluestone catalog - counted them twice, in fact to be sure. And I get 16 different varieties and then the collection. There must be more on the website, which isn't unusual. They used to put a variety name and say to get information on it at the website. Some plants are "internet only" listings for sale.

I have purchased from them in the past and the plants arrived in good condition and they grew well. Some people complain that the plants are small, but I think smaller plants ship better and their plants tend to have huge root systems that keep them growing well. I understand that they are good with reshipping plants that don't live or were injured during shipping.

I myself am always interested in perennials that bloom throughout the summer, so I am interested in Dianthus First Love, which is supposed to bloom from April to frost.

I received some starts of an unnamed Dianthus in a trade last year. It resembles Horatio and I can't wait to see it bloom this year - if it made it through the winter. Just a tip to anyone trading plants here at Dave's. DO NOT send the plant completely wrapped in plastic and DO NOT send them in a bubble envy. By the time the plants arrived here they smelled and had started to rot. Because Dianthus is easy to grow and start, I took cuttings from a couple of the still-alive pieces and restarted them. They eventually did root, and one bloomed. The plant that looked the best was put in the veggie garden for the winter and I hope it makes it.

I see pictures of Chomley Farran and it is quite an interesting looking plant. I see if listed as a spring bloomer though. and Burpee also has seeds for Diana Blueberry Dianthus, which I also like.

What else are you interested in, Mike? Anyone else looking to purchase Dianthus plants/seeds this spring?


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