Hostas in San Francisco?

San Francisco, CA(Zone 10a)

My garden is Sunset zone 17. I have seen Peonies (herbacious) as well as Lilacs growing happily in my neighborhood. I'm sure the lilac is the low chill 'Lavender Lady', but hey, it's still a lilac. I want to grow 'Hosta plantaginea' or another FRAGRANT Hosta. Anyone out there doing this?

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Given that you have cool summers where you are Hosta's should do very well...unlike where I am. They FRY in our summers here.
Sunset Western Garden Book says they should do fine where you are.

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

JasperDale - I was in Long Beach last November, and it was over 95 degrees down there. Not only are you hot in summer, but pretty hot in late fall too. But, I enjoyed the heat since I knew winter was coming on.

And I agree that hostas will do well in Oakland. They do fine here in Sacramento if they are in the shade.

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