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Hartford, CT(Zone 5a)

Hi, I have a cyclamen that has been blossoming pretty much continuously for the last year. While I was away for a week in September all the leaves died off. For the heck of it I watered it anyway and within a few days there were flowers again and there have been new ones since then. But never have any leaves grown back. I guess it's safe to assume they never will but isn't it through the leaves that plants get their strength? Is there something I could do to get them to grow?

Two winters ago I had some amaryllis that produced seed. I planted them and a number of them grew. They have continued growing but I'm not sure if I should dry them off to rest like is done with mature plants or will it happen on it's own? I lost the parents and am intrigued what the flowers will look like as I had three different kinds.

Thanks, Dave

(Zone 1)

I've never seen a blooming Cyclamen without foliage. I have three or four Cyclamen plants that I only grow during the winter months as they don't seem to do well in the hot, humid months of summer here in the south. I buy them when the local garden centers have them around November and enjoy them over the winter but they don't survive much past March. Cyclamen have a dormant period where the foliage and flowers fade normally, leaves are only present during the growth cycle. Cyclamen is a tuberous plant and the tuber will still be alive beneath the soil line. When the plant goes into dormancy it's best to forgo watering or the tubers will rot. In a couple of months new foliage growth will appear and watering can resume but I've never tried reviving them after the dormancy period.

As for Amaryllis ... they are grown as landscape plants down here in Florida but I think they could remain in the pots and be treated like the Cyclamen. Once the foliage dies back, forgo water until new growth appears and then you can resume the cycle of water/fertilizing.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

For some reason I've never been able to bring one out of dormancy. Weird.

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