Need to know the name

Panama City, FL(Zone 8b)

A friend of mine has this plant. She has had it for over 10 years and would love to know more about it. It has never bloomed so she would also like to know if it should bloom and if it can be planted outside in our northwest Florida environment. It gets into the 30s and sometime(like the past two winters)as low as the teens. It has gotten so large that it is difficult to take in and out for the summer/winter.

Thumbnail by cmsjjdr
Panama City, FL(Zone 8b)

Here is another picture.

Thumbnail by cmsjjdr
Yardley, PA

It looks like the Adenia Spinosa. Very nice plant.

Decatur, GA

Maybe A. glauca.
I have one and it flowers all summer on the porch with lots of water full sun.

Thumbnail by helenchild
Clarksville, TN(Zone 7a)

Very nice plants, helechild and cmsjjdr.

cms ... is that a Hoya carnosa compacta 'Hindu Rope' hanging in the left of the top picture? It's gorgeous!!

Panama City, FL(Zone 8b)

Yes, Cville, that is a Hindu Rope plan and my friend gave me a piece of it. Her's is very healthy and blooms beautifully every year. Thank you for the suggestions at to the other plant Helenchild and Sallyo. I will let her know.

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