Garden Bingo Game

Halifax, MA(Zone 6a)

Kawonkamish NishnohGreetings Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone would like to play Garden Bingo? If so, continue to read on.:

Garden Bingo Game Rules

This is how it will go:
I will list 35 plants between the 11th or 15th of each month. You will pick 15
plants and Dmail them to maccionoadha. Dmails will only
be accepted from the 11th to the 28th of each month for the following
month's bingo. No Dmails will be accepted after the 28th of the month.
This will be considered your bingo card. You will receive an Dmail
confirming your picks on your bingo card before the 1st of the month.
If you do not receive a Dmail confirming please, please let me know
by Dmail or by post on the message board.

Please make sure you keep a list of the plant names that you have
chosen for your bingo card, so that you can check them off as they are

One plant will be picked per day and posted on the message board.
The 1st person to get all 15 plants that they have named will post
BINGO! on the group message board and will be the winner once
confirmed. You must post bingo before the next day's plant is called.
If there is more than 1 winner, the winners names will go into a hat
and 1 name will be pulled and that will be the winner for the month.

You are responsible for keeping track of your own bingo card. I have
them only as a reference to check when someone posts bingo and to
confirm you for the game.

Please print this out and keep for reference!

Hope you will all join me in this. I really think this is going to
be a blast. Any questions please ask!

Aquene Peace,
WautuckquesSochepo SnowRabbit

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Halifax, MA(Zone 6a)

Welcome to Garden Bingo! Here are the bingo picks for March. There are 35 names on the list, pick 15 and send that list to my Dmail maccionoadha. This will be your bingo card, so please keep a copy. Do not reply your list to the message board, send it to the Dmail given. I will send you a confirmation message about February 28th and start calling the picks on March 1st. The last date in which to send in your picks is February 27th at midnight PST. Unfortunately, if your list is not in when I check them on February 28th, it will be too late. The theme for this game is: Useful Herbs & Spices: Alchemilla-Equisetum.

1. Alchemilla vulgaris
2. Alkanna tinctoria
3. Allium sativum
4. Alpinia offcinarum
5. Althaea officinalis
6. Anethum graveolens
7. Angelica archangelica
8. Anthriscus cerefolium
9. Aphanes arvensis
10. Apium graveolens
11. Arctium lappa
12. Armoracia rusticana
13. Artemisia absinthium
14. Balsamita major
15. Borago officinale
16. Brassica nigra
17. Calendula officinalis
18. Caparis spinosa
19. Capsicum annuum
20. Carthamus tinctoria
21. Carum carvi
22. Cassia marilandica
23. Chamomilla recutita
24. Chelidonium majus
25. Chenopodium album
26. Cichorium intybus
27. Cinnamomum verum
28. Coriander sativum
29. Crocus sativus
30. Cuminum cyminum
31. Curcuma domestica
32. Cytisus scoparius
33. Dianthus caryophyllus
34. Elettaria cardamomum
35. Equisetum arvense

Good luck everyone!

Aquene Peace,
WautuckquesSochepo SnowRabbit

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Halifax, MA(Zone 6a)

Kawonkamish Nishnoh Greetings Everyone,

Since no one has replied, I can only assume that no one wants to play the game. In that case I will close this thread. :-(

Aquene kah nahonnushagk Peace and farewell,
WautuckquesSochepo SnowRabbit

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