Iguanura spectabilis query

noonamah, Australia

Don't know if anyone has any information on this species,seems to be very little on the net. One of my small plants was chewed through by what I believe was a wallaby, One plant just has 2 leaves on the ground and the rest of it is okay. But the plant in question was completely severed above the lower leaves and below the spear. Nothing was eaten, but apparently was tried and failed the taste test.

I think this is a single trunk type, although some Iguanura species are clumpers apparently. I'm just hoping this will reshoot as there's still a couple of leaves left. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of these that might know whether I've definitely lost this one?

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Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

no one in the mainland US can grow that plant, so you'll have to ask folks who live in Hawaii, or perhaps the Keys... or else the rest of the tropical world.

noonamah, Australia

Thanks Geoff, just thought I'd try, hopefully some one from those areas might see this and come up with an answer. There's been no repeat attack since so hopefully the animal understands it's inedible. It could have just asked me and I'd have told it. Anyway, here's hoping the others don't get touched.

noonamah, Australia

For anyone else who might be interested in the answer, I was in our local nursery today and they had some large Iguanura spectabilis in pots, and they had suckers. So looks like I'm in with a chance of not losing my chewed-in-half plant. Fingers crossed.

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