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Tell me how you keep your Anxiety under control!

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

I have lived a full and wonderful life and am now in my 80s, but it seems all the stress that went with being sure the life was full and wonderful has taken a toll on my old body. It seems my anxiety is getting the better of me to the point where I am not sure what is next.
I have taken courses in Attacking Anxiety and Depression, read books, used relaxation CDs, etc. and just the other day when I had to have a CT Scan of the heart, they could not do it because my BP went up too high for them to get an accurate reading. All because of my anxiety I am sure. Do you have any suggestions. This is my last resort. I do not know what is happening that I can not control it. Talk to me please. JB

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

The only answer I have for you....
"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you."

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Thank you. I do a great deal of praying. I was thinking maybe he was not listening anymore since I am feeling so helpless when it comes to controlling my anxiety. I appreciate the time you took to comment. JB

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

Have you talked with your doctor about your anxiety?
If not, I suggest you do that. Deep anxiety is very
challenging to resolve by yourself and your doctor might
recommend an anti-depressant to help you break the
anxiety pattern so you can get yourself mentally back in
balance. Once that happens then your meditation and
calming techniques will be more likely to help you
maintain a more positive state.

Please keep us posted. And please -- do talk to your
doctor about this as soon as you can.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Hello June,
Yes, I have spoken to the doctor. I am on Xanax and she as well as the cardiologist are aware of my anxiety. I thought I had it under control before I went in for the tests but I obviously did not. I am going to take a few weeks off from the tests and my family doctor and I will work on the anxiety again and see if I can not get my act together. thank you for our concern. If I did not have to have all these tests to see why I have a Left Bundle Branch Block in my heart, I would be fine. I had no aches, pains, nothing and all my bloodwork was perfect..........then we did an EKG and that was the beginning of the end of my control. LOL. That put me over the edge. So, I am working my way back. I feel like Humpty Dumpty. JB

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

I am a hospice counselor and am familiar with many aspects
of depression and anxiety in our patients. If the Xanax isn't
doing the trick I've heard that there have been good results
with Wellbutrin. You might ask about that.

In these times, 80 is "the new 70" and you have a lot to look
forward to in life.

As for praying, you might consider making an appointment
with your minister and asking him/her to sit and pray with you.
If you don't have one, go to any nearby church and just ask.
Ministers these days really welcome an opportunity to be of
true service. Humpty Dumpty might not have fallen off that wall
if he'd had a strong hand to hold. ;-)

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

Several years ago I had anxiety that was so bad I could barely function, some days I felt like I would simply not make it thru the day. My Dr. put me on Xanax for a while and then another one, shoot, can't think of the name but it's also used for seizures. Then I did biofeedback and yoga and took a mixture of calming herbs. My BP is back down to normal (except when I have to go the the dentist, but that's another story) and I haven't had to take medicine for over 5 years.
I still have anxiety when I have to go to the dentist, see a doctor or take a medical test but can usually control that somewhat with biofeedback. With the help of a loving partner I have learned to speak my mind when things are bothering me, not let people push me around or walk on me as I did for years and have taken control of my life again!

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

June, you are correct. I should go to Church again. I just lost interest because my favorite priest left and the one we have is a PITA. He is so full of his own self importance I sit in mass and just get more angry when he talks. Not good. I will try and be a better person.
Hospice nursing is difficult. I was the Exec. Director of a County Unit of the ACS in PA for 10 years and that was before there was a hospice. I did a lot of counseling and found it very rewarding. That was when I was young and gutsy. I am now old and lost my gutsyness. LOL
Cal, I would love to get off the Xanax. I take only the minimum and take it twice daily. It works. I would love to try biofeedback. How would I go about that?

Plano, TX

i had a EKG a few years back and found i have left bundle branch blockage--went from test to test to test--all to find out that it is fairly common and usually nothing to worry about--now that i went throught the many heart tests to determine that i never even think of it anymore--
so you might be in the same boat--don't worry now since chances are it is nothing but the way you are made

i know --easier said then done--i think writing helps sometimes--just write all your thoughts down and see where it takes you--sometimes you work out your problems--sometimes you put it in perspective and sometimes you are able to leave it on the paper for a while

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

I did biofeedback thru a pain management clinic so that would probably be a good place to start.
My Dr. perscribed the minimum dose of Xanax also, and I took 1/2 a pill. My body reacts in strange ways to drugs. I couldn't take a whole one, I couldn't stand up if I did. When he gave me the first perscription, I asked the pharmacist if I would get addicted to it and he laughed and said not at that dose.

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Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Planolinda, thanks. You just hit the nail on the head. I have done a lot of research on the Left Bundle Branch Block and that seems to be exactly what you said. It is common and you llive with it.
In the meantime they keep wanting test after test and I can not handle the stress that goes with it. The first stress test I had came to a total of over $11,000. And it was only 80% conclusive...Conclusive to what?
I have Medicare and TriCare for Live because my husband was a retired Maj. in the USMC. The medications I take are very few but when you see what they cost it is not possible for a person to pay that without mortgaging their homes. Sometimes I wonder what the medical field has come to.
I think the drug companies and the doctors have each other so bonded they work together and we pay the fees.
I am not a guinea pig and I will be darned if I will continue to go thru this stress just to find I am already taking the proper meds and my diet is good and I need to exercise more (which I will do when the snow melts) have made me feel much better.
Thanks so much.
Thanks Cal, I may suggest that to my doctor. You would think she would suggest it to me.

Plano, TX

i also think it is a matter of doctors covering themselves--from lawsuits--i think i took the tests over about a year--each test would show no problem but wouldn't rule out other problems fi theat makes sense--
i am not in the medical field and would never tell someone if they should or should not get the tests --i am just sharing my experience
after that i got an ekg at my job and they mentioned "do you know you have a left bundle brainch blockage?" i said yes i do and that was it!

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Thank you Plan. I have made a decision to wait until I discuss the results of the first two with the Cardiologist (new one) and then I will decide if I want to go thru the rest of the suggested tests. The CT and if that does not work the angioplas. I am scared of anything invasive and I just can not make myself do it without knowing what the H they are looking for. I need more answers before I am going to do this. I am too old to be used as a money making project for others. I am so grateful for your information. Thanks. JB

BTW. I have no symptoms or short of breath or anything. I have lived with this thing for years I suppose and nothing. It was just a fluke that I had that EKG and then it showe dup and all hell broke loose with all these tests. JB

Plano, TX

same for me--no shortness of breath etc--just a fluke that it was found and all kinds of tests followed
a good friend of mine had the same thing happen to her--my guess is that in the past it was just looked at as a variation in our physical makeup--i think you should do just what you said and talk it over with the cardiologist and be honest about your concerns---

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

We will see, in the meantime I need to get the anxiety under control and I am having very little luck with that. I have moments of misery. LOL Getting used to it but I hate it. Have a good day and thanks for your support. JB

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Hi JBerger,

Stress took its toll on me too, and I really didn't realize it, but it slowly kept whittling away at my life. I asked my doctor about my anxiety. I couldn't sleep because I was so wired all the time. I felt anxious all the time, altho I felt like my life was under control. I couldn't understand the constant anxiety. My main complaint was that I couldn't sleep because I couldn't turn my brain off. My doctor put me on Ativan. Boy could I sleep then! Just a 1/2 mg every night before bed made me want to sleep for 24 hrs! By the time the pill wore off, it was time to take another. After about 3 weeks I decided I just couldn't waste my life sleeping. So I stopped taking it.

My anxiety returned along with fatigue. I was more fatigued than ever, so I saw another doctor, thinking my hormones needed to be adjusted. I described my fatigue, anxiety, my sense of being scatterbrained, insomnia, etc. He told me I was depressed. Who? Me??? I don't think so! Depressed people cry, hate life, feel suicidal or homicidal, etc. That's not me. I was quite happy.

He insisted I was CLINICALLY depressed, while I wasn't emotionally depresssed. All the stress over the years had caused my brain to malfunction and stop producing serotonin and norenepherine. I asked, "Is there a magic pill for that? I don't want Xanax or Valium or something that will make me foggy." He smiled and said, "I think I have the perfect magic pill for you."

He prescribed Cymbalta for me, and let me just tell you, it has changed my life. OMG, it is amazing. I feel calm all the time, without feeling foggy or drugged. Things that used to upset me (like my dog eating my leather sectional) don't faze me. My blood pressure and blood sugar has lowered. I get regular massages (part of an attempt to learn to relax), and I'm finally able to relax and enjoy them. Before Cymbalta I was just too tense to experience the healing effects of massage. I sleep all night now and wake up rested and ready to work. I can think. I can sit still without chewing all my nails off. I can fully function again.

It wasn't until I'd been on Cymbalta for a couple of months that I could really realize the full extent of how I'd lost myself bit by bit over the years. I'm sure I needed Cymbalta for about 10 or 15 years, and I'm glad my doc prescribed it. You might ask your doc if it might help you more than the Xanax. It made me very sick the first two days I took it, but within a week I began feeling better. Within a month, I felt like a new woman. It's surprising because I'm the last person I would have expected to ever take an anti-depressant.

Mount Pleasant, PA(Zone 6a)

I know this thread is a year old but thought I would chime in anyway.
In addition to depression I developed an anxiety disorder about 4 years ago (stress sucks).
I take 40mg of citalopram daily & .05 mg of ativan as needed. Rarely needed & I only take it if my other relaxation techniques don't work.
The following typically work for me:
1. meditation it can be difficult to clear your mind I have a few cd's (and tapes!) of meditation sounds. Mostly seashore & thunderstorms (use whatever sounds you find calm you). Sometimes I light a candle sometimes I don't. I darken the room you don't have to. Then I close my eyes & start by concentrating just on the sounds then I picture a calming place (for me it's a deserted white sand beach with aqua waves rolling in & palm trees swaying in the breeze) then just let go. Breathe deeply & evenly & become part of the scene. You'll feel it when you calm down. I've been doing it long enough I can usually call up my calming place anywhere & take 10-15 deep breaths.
2 deep breathing with slow controlled release. Close your eyes take the deepest breath you can & release slowly.
3. a warm bath or shower
4. massage

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Hello Hartzell,
What a nice surprise to see a post on this thread. I thought everyone was well and happy and I was the only one who had a problem. LOL You know the old saying, Misery loves company.

I have done pretty much the same as you. I found Meditation does and the Shore Sounds help me tremendously.
I am on the lowest doze of Xanax you can take but I take it twice a day, three times if needed.

I was doing really good until November of last year and then I had to put my 14 year old dog to sleep. Right after that it really hit the fan. My friends, four of them, began dying. From Nov. until this past month, four of my dearest friends passed on. It was constant panic attacks and waking up shaking inside for 6 months. Finally Spring came and I threw myself into my Greenhouse and started to propagate my Christmas Cactus (I have a small collection). The daffodils came in bloom and I sold them by the bunches, anything to keep my mind off of death and dying.

Had a few tests done and everything is good, so I have nothing to worry about that shows. My negative thoughts nearly drive me crazy. Anyhow, I am much better, sleeping, eating and working with my plants, birds and new dog.
It is a constant battle and unless you learn to live with it you will end up a miserable mess.
Thanks so much for your input. Everyone can learn by sharing and caring. Hugs and Prayers. JB

Pilot Point, TX(Zone 7b)

Hello JBerger,

I was reading through this thread and I don't think anyone has asked whether you take supplements. ??? Personally I like to seek out nutritional solutions for my health issues first....THEN if that doesn't work.... I'll consider a pharmaceutical. It's why I see FUNCTIONAL medicine doctors because their approach is more nutritional than the 'allopathic' doctors who just treat symptoms. I like to get to the 'root issue'.

I'm wondering if you might benefit from the extra 'magnesium'. Google 'magnesium deficiency' and 'anxiety' you'll find TONS of info. In particular there are wonderful articles written by the 'magnesium guru' --> Dr Carolyn Dean. She has a book too: The Magnesium Miracle. There is a product called "Calm" that is a powdered magnesium that you make into a tea. Drink it hot or add some ice and drink it cold. Here's a link to some of the reviews on Amazon:

Also google "L-theanine". L-theanine is an ingredient in green tea and is what makes green tea relaxing even though it has caffeine. There are several [over the counter] sleep-aid products that include l-theanine in them because it quiets an active / racing mind which often is why some folks can't seem to fall asleep. There's also "GABA" -- which I've read works a lot like 'Xanax'.

ANYWAY... just a few of suggestions... and also a reminder that I'm NOT a doctor so do ask YOUR doctor about any changes you might consider doing... especially about stopping any of the medications that you've been taking. ie; Xanax... My understanding is that you'd have to slowly stop taking drugs like that.

My very best wishes,

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Jann, Thanks so much for your info. I am a great believer in supplements and take liquid Life Force International products. I will check into the Magnesium as wellas the L-theanine. Thanks you again. JB

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Have you considered regularly talking to a counselor. Maybe a counselor could help you with some tools to break the anxiety cycle. Medications are lifesavers, but used in conjunction with a good therapist, they are even more effective. I wish you well!

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

This thread is such a surprise when someone pops in to say hello. Thanks for coming.

To answer your question regarding professional help. Yes I have considered it and I keep putting it off thinking I am strong enough to beat this myself. Which may just happen since I found out from my eye doctor that one of the eye drops I have been taking for years may be causing anxiety and depression. Now he tells me. Good grief. I have been on that Betoptic for years. I am keeping a journal for the next six weeks and every two weeks we change the drops to see if eliminating the betoptic may be helpful.

If that does not work, then I may consider checking with medicare to see if I can see a Therapist. Thanks for your interest . Hugs. JB

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Sometimes talking to someone can really help.

What a shocker to think an eyedrop could cause so much.

Mount Pleasant, PA(Zone 6a)

There are tons of medications prescription, otc & herbal that can cause anxiety & depression. I always research anything my doctor wants me to take or if I have something specific that I think warrants medicating. I don't take anything if I'm not comfortable with the possible side effects. His PA was impressed with my research to say the least. I've flat out told my doctor once or twice he could prescribe this or that but I wasn't going to be taking it so he'd be wasting his time. Then we work to find an alternative.
Therapy can def be a help. I was in therapy for years. Now I unload on the hubster. :)

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

I am still grieving my loss of so many friends over such a short period of time last Fall. It has been almost a year and it began when I put my beloved Jack Russell of 14 years down in Sept. I think I dwell on the loss of these important people without realizing I am doing it. The last love of my life dropped dead Christmas day and I had not heard from him and was angry with him for not calling and here he was dead. I finally heard from his nephew two days later giving me the news.

Now I seldom go anyplace or do anything but work in my greenhouse, run my business and tend to the farm because my daughter and her husband have their own life, plus his mother, and I do not want to take away from that. I am used to being alone, but when I was told I was going to possibly loose the sight in my only good eye, that too threw me for a loop. How hard it is to stay positive when you have all these nasty things in your head.

I try and begin my day with Progressive Relaxation CD that I just love. I can get up and all seems well. Then if the inner ear problem kicks in and the vertigo starts, I then begin to go down hill and I have to work twice as hard because I am so off balance. The chiropractor keeps that pretty much under control but when the weather changes or we have a bad storm, I am one sick puppy.

You have all been so great to let me share my problems. I am a very private person and when I reached out to you all I had no idea the response would be so great. i do appreciate it so much and I am a very young active 84 year old, so I am not ready to give it up yet. LOL Have a good day. I am taking my kids to dinner tonight to celebrate my son in laws birthday. Now I will become anxious until I actually get there. So much to the point where I will be half sick in the stomach. I really love going, but the anxiety about being there frightens me for some stupid reason. I have so many silly phobeas. Maybe I am crazy and just too stupid to know it.

Crozet, VA

Dear JBerger.....some years ago I read some of the threads where you participated even though at the time I wasn't actively posting on them. I remember thinking whenever I saw the things that you had written, what a wonderful and super positive woman this was. I always got a real kick out of some of your ways at looking at things. Finding out that you were up in your eighties amazed me due to the exuberant spirit you had about yourself.

I am not sure how I got connected to this particular thread, but this is the second time it has shown up in my in-box. First off, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with anxiety and depression and any other negative emotion that serves to steal one's joy for life. I am younger than yourself but have not lived an easy life. I too have had many health issues over the past thirty or so years, and truly know what a battle it can be to remain positive when confronted with things beyond our control. Most days I am able to have a good attitude about my limitations, and am able to laugh about the things I can no longer do. There are times though, and last week happened to be one of them, when it all seemed like a very heavy burden to carry.

I am much like gardenwife and spent a good many years in therapy. First off, there are good counselors and poor counselors. It took finding a good counselor in order for me to graduate from therapy and not have to go weekly. I has been at least fourteen years now since I have had to pay for counseling services. I didn't realize for a good while that my introduction to the Internet and chat rooms coincided with me being able to stop therapy. I have found that we usually have the answers to our dilemmas within us. If we can quiet our minds enough to listen or to look on the computer monitor and see what is coming from our minds, we can usually see a solution to our ills show up in front of us.

What I see in you and giving thought to what my past excellent counselor may have to say to you if you were sitting in her chair is that heck lady, let's take a good look at the great things you have going on versus the tendency you are having to look at the bad things that are coming along. What we need to do, and I admit it is not always easy is to throw away the "old" tapes of negative thinking and replace them with "new" and positive ones, but with practice we can trick our brains to think more on the positive than the negative.

In years past when faced with trials, I often benefitted from acting as if all was well, even if it wasn't. I developed a skill of cutting off negative thoughts as they tried to enter my mind, but talking back to them and replacing the thought with something positive. I was really surprised to read that you suffered with these negative emotions because from what I have gathered from reading your posts, you have an excellent grasp on living life to the very fullest.

So very interesting that you are now finding out that there may be a connection between your eye drops and the negative feelings you are experiencing. I had something similar happen over the past couple of years when dealing with on going Urinary Tract Infections. I would get them, feel worn down and out, negative and depressed over feeling so poorly. Only problem was that the UTI's would clear up and two months later I was still suffering with clinical depression......I finally mentioned it to my doctor after this happening so many times and his thoughts were that the Cipro I was using to clear the UTI's was possibly negating the anti-depressant I have taken for over twenty years. Made really good sense to me and now I have marked on my medical records that I am allergic to Cipro and cannot take it. For about two years now, using Bactrim or something else with UTI's, I have no longer suffered with depression during the flare ups.

Let's hope your return to the joy that comes with living returns as you discontinue the use of the eye drops. I am pulling for you and hope that once again, you are the spry and more energetic than my younger self returns quickly. Please know that even if you aren't aware of it, your feistiness and refusal to grow old and fade away is great inspiration to many who may not tell you. Please continue to inspire us to be more like yourself and please don't beat yourself up for badly from time to time....just start defying the negative thoughts and replace them with the no way Jose attitude of never giving up.

Please also know that depression is a step in the grief process and having lost so many who were close to you recently it just makes sense that you will feel this way from time to time......the problem is not getting stuck is normal, just don't wallow for too long.

Again, you have served as inspiriation for many and I am looking forward to having more of that part of your personality to come through. You are doing better than you could have thrown in the towel by now and given up, but I don't hear that got a lot of living to still do.......go do it!!!!! The very best of luck to you.


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Oh Ruby, how sweet of you to take the time to talk to me. You have no idea how difficult it is for me to be negative when I have been so positive all my life.

Only since I lost all my close friends who I used to spend time with and raise a bit of hell with have I become OLD in a way. I am such a fun person, so very positive and feisty much of the time, yet inside me is this loving, caring, hurting individual who when someone I love is sad, I cry.

That person inside me only comes out when I am alone and missing my dog, my friends (and believe me, I lost four women friends and one dear darling male friend, whom I loved since I was 19, and we both had other mates and families but we also had a deep loving friendship that not many people have in a lifetime. We had 64 years of a friendship that began when he came home from the Marines, a wounded warrier of WWII, and I was his girl. We kept in touch all those years and when our mates died we finally decided to take up where we had left off with some exceptions of we were both in our 80s so the passion turned to a great deal of comforting, I
never had a chance to say goodbye and I am not sure if that is part of my problem. He is still with me and every night I go to pick up the phone to call him and remember, he is gone. We had so many plans for spending our last years together and now he is gone. I feel sure my grief will pass but I was just recovering from taking care of my mother for six years, I buried my husband prior to that,
Please do not think I am ungrateful for my wonderful kids, I am, but there is still that void that I can not seem to fill. i work so hard every day so I am tired and can sleep without thinking negative thought. I know I had this beaten in 2010 and then all hell broke loose and I was afraid I had heart problems..which I do not, except for the high BP when I get crazy and have panic attacks. I have a left bundle branch block which I have had for years and I take BP meds. Then I got through that and my eye doctor tells me my good eye could go blind, and that was six months ago. My BP this morning was 120/67....can not get much better than that. Yet, I could feel some anxiety but i worked out of it by taking care of the animals and now I am going to my shop and get it ready for the holidays. I have to take inventory of my silk flowers and Christmas stuff to see what I need to order for the Christmas Season here at the Christmas Tree Farm Gift Shop. I love Fall and of course my plants in the GH need to be watered and all that good stuff.
I see you posting on some of the sites I drop in on and I can not tell you how much I appreciate your sharing your thoughts and experiences with me. I will survive I am sure, it is just now and then I get as low as whale poop. Please keep in touch. Hugs. JB

Crozet, VA

Oh gosh JB....what I have found is that talking about feeling less than one hundred percent has a way of lessening the depressions affect on me. Just last week I shared on one of the threads that I was feeling sort of funky and having a really hard time getting motivated to do anything at all. That is not me either because usually I am super busy doing something or the other here at the house. What I found by sharing that tidbit with others is that it had a healing affect or something because as soon as I came clean about the funky feeling, I was able to get up from the computer and get started with my day and actually be a very productive person that day. It was as if a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I think it is great that you feel comfortable enough with other Dave's members to share that things are currently weighing heavy on you. I know that when I first arrived at Dave's about six or so years ago I too was faced with some very devastating health issues. It was the ministering and caring of folks here that allowed me to make it through those tough times and I now feel on the other side of the health crisis. Hallelujah!!!

I understand how uncomfortable it is to feel the bad and negative feelings when you are usually very up and positive. Same with me. For many years I was depressed and thought basically only negative thoughts. When treating my depression and then operating in a much more positive mind set, it is very uncomfortable for me to have bouts when feeling depressed now and I try my best to have them be short lived.

As for you male friend dieing and you not getting to say goodbye.....don't you think he knows your heart and accepts that? I am sure if either of you had known he was going to die when he did, you would have both made sure that the good byes were said.....

One more tidbit on dealing with depression and studying it over the years. JB, there is a definite grief process and we have to walk through each stage to get to the last stage of it which is acceptance and the ability to go on with our lives despite our loss.

The Grief Process

Denial -
Bargaining -
Depression -
Anger -

I have watched myself over the last ten to fifteen years and it has been like clock work when I reach a stage where I am angry over whatever the situation at hand is, is exactly when I start healing and putting the episode behind me. I am always thrilled when going through a bad time when I begin experiencing anger versus depression......I know that it won't be long before I am feeling my old self again and life won't consist of living the blues 24 - 7.

Is there a chance that you have some anger in regards to all these many losses that you haven't yet addressed? It is a normal part of a loss. None of us like to think of ourselves as being angry people, but in the case of grief it is a necessary step that needs addressing in order to move on in the healing process.

I could talk about this subject all day long, because it has been such an on going subject in my life in which I have experienced many losses and disappointments. Please know that you are not alone in how you are feeling, it seems to be part of being alive and that it won't be too very long now before you are able to move beyond your grief and life will once again be sunny instead of gray.

My hope for you is that the week ahead will bring about more good for you than bad. Good luck and I will close with once again pointing out that I have a real strong feeling that you are doing better than you think you are. You seem to be taking all the right steps in order to begin feeling there is much hope..

Have fun with all your beautiful plants today. Until later.....


Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

ive always been a "high strung" person.. i know i was major grief to my
folks.. they use to send me off to camps all summer long..LOL
i know most of it is chemical..that is.. ADHD..bipolar.. and my own personality..and
how i deal with life..
i agree with so many here..whether its spiritual..finding a personal center.. and
with having a "healthy lifestyle" these all help..and i think for me.. help me stay
stay close to your real healthy..physically active..keep your mind active..
isnt gardening a blessing to us !!! i loose myself in my gardens..
my neighbours scare me all the time.. LOL i get zoned into my place while gardening..
they sneak up..and im back.. LOL
good luck to you !!!!

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Hey tropical, Hi....hope your weather stays nice for you a few weeks more so you can keep on gardening. I am really looking forward to Fall. This summer has been a stinker.

I have been working on the anxiety for so long that I am beginning to wonder if ever I will get smart and stop this silly thinking I do. I did have an interesting situation occur the other day while visiting my eye doctor. He suggested maybe, just maybe, my eye drops were contributing to my depression. NO CRAP....Now, after nearly 25 years he tells me that. Can you imagine???He told me to stop them for two weeks and see how I feel. I am happy to tell you that I feel great and not nearly as anxious. Is that my imagination?????? We will see in a few weeks. LOL Have a great day. I must get to work in the greenhouse. JB

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

JB.. sometimes the smallest things can contribute to totally unexpected things..
i hope that your eyes do good..and that your anxiety improves for you...
i am a believer that we make our own happiness.. i know so many people that are just wonderful of my neighbours is one. hes 87. lost his wife 2 yrs ago..stuff has happened. has had some
life changing events last couple yrs..and he just plows thru life.. he is a delightful,inspiring man..
from your posts you must be a great lady and youre a doesnt that just say it all???

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

We will see Tropical. I am usually a very happy person and full of fun and devilment but there are times when I really feel like 84. LOL. Must run now. JB

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

:) JB.. you just keep truckin !!! :)
we all have times of being down..its picking ourselves up.. seeing the good thats
out there..and celebrating it..
all the best to ya !!!!

Crozet, VA

Jb, let's hope the eye drops may have played in to your feeling as edgy as you described and that there is another eye medication that will work for you. I can't remember if I shared here or not, but about a year ago I was finally able to find a correlation between an antibiotic I was using and severe episodes of clinical depression.

For several years I had a history of Urinary Tract Infections. I always took Cipro which seemed to do a good job of getting the infection under control. After several times of becoming depressed during the antibiotic treatment and it sometimes lasting for months afterward, I spoke to my doctor about it. He said there may have been something in Cipro that was negating the healing affects of my antidepressant. Evidently he was correct, because I have since then had only one UTI, but took Bactrim and suffered no ill effects with depression. Hallelujah!!!

Here is hoping you are having a great week.


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

We are on the last two weeks of the journal for the eye drops. This two weeks we do only betoptic and nothingelse in both eyes,

I have been feeling very good but I do not think it is the eye drops. It could be but we will see starting today. If it is the betoptic I would be surprised. I have been feeling really good and have the anxiety pretty much under control again. Have no idea why or how. It just seemed to have gone away. My head is still full (sinus) and my ears are closed off and on but I am pretty sure that is allergies. I had my flu shot and had no ill effects from that.

Thanks for thinking of us Ruby. All is well here for now. JB

Crozet, VA

Great news JB. That is the way it goes sometimes. Just a few weeks ago I was walking around feeling in a funk and keeping it to myself. One afternoon I finally decided that I needed to talk about my uneasy feelings. It was as if it were magic, as soon as I sat here and wrote one of the groups about my feeling "off" and how uncomfortable it was for almost automatically disappeared. By the next afternoon I was able to report that the funkiness was gone. That was such a good feeling.

I am big on a person sharing their thoughts and getting other folks input on whatever the issue at hand is. I know that over the years, if it had not been my willingness to share about feeling out of sorts, I would have continued to suffer in silence.

I truly hope that the end of whatever the cycle was for you has lifted and will be gone forever JB. I suppose knowing in the future, should it crop up again, that you have folks here who understand will hopefully help you want to discuss it again, and hopefully the same sort of change can result for you.

Best news I heard all day that you are doing much, much better. Hope it continues......


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Ruby you are very kind. I had a touch of anxiety this morning but I did the CD on Progressive Relaxation before I got out of bed and then I kept busy and it was gone until I had a problem with my new printer and could not figure it out, I was in the midst of packing and shipping my orders for this week and I am proud to say, I just worked through it and kept busy and it disappeared.

That is the first anxiety I had in weeks in the A.M. before getting out of bed. It was also the second day back on the betoptic eye drops. I can not help but wonder if that may be the problem. Too soon to tell. Will keep my journal and we will see. LOL Love those journals.

Off to make some pasta salad. Hugs to all of you. JB And, THANK YOU.

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Oh Jordan, don't you hate that no breathing thing? God, I just keep on deep breathing and it eventually lets go. Scary as all heck. I am 84 and still having anxiety attacks, so Honey, get used to it. That's what they told me. I just took a xanax because this was one of those days. I need to just sit back and chill out. I got up in knots today and I thought I could work it out but it just returned. Darn it. JB

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

i hate the breathing thing. it's terrible, and if i dont take the klonipin i have a melt down, and when that happens, don't come near me.

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