help germinating these vines seeds

lahore, Pakistan(Zone 10b)

hello, i have hard time germinating these vines from seed all from bignonia family. I am in zone 10 so we sow most of our seeds in fall as our winters are mild not below 5C while summers are extremely hot around 110F. Now spring is almost here. Right now temperatures are around 18-20C with rains these days. I surface sowed all these seeds and these seeds are surely 2010 seeds not before that. I got most of these in trade. I successfully germinated many seeds in fall including mandevilla laxa, evening primrose, venidium, akebia quinata etc but not these bignonia seeds.

1- Podranea ricasoliana pink trumpet vine
2 -Clytostoma callistegioides - lavender trumpet vine
3- Cydista aequinoctialis - garlic vine
4- pandorea jasminoides

I also tried enclosing the seedling pot in a polythene bag to speed up germination but no avail. Sprinkle very little coco peat on top. After sowing i keep my containers in partial sun, only first few hours sun then shade.

Any tips will be highly welcomed.


Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

Hi khabbab,
Can't help you with individual tip for your plant since I am not familiar with them. However, you may find the information at the following sites. Both have germination information.

In general, if the seeds are very small, do not cover but surface sow as they need light to germinate.

For hardcoated seeds, nick then soak in hand hot water over night.

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