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BRUGMANSIAS........ Ready for Autumn..

Merino, Australia

Here we are Chrissy and everyone. A new thread for us with the star of my show at the moment.
.My new golden beauty. Butterbomb. Not a good photo but I had to get her before the rain ruined her.
What a very pretty lady she is. Very large flower and has that stand out look like GHA. No hanging of the head here. Its a dull day and raining, but she is really golden. I will have to run down tonight for the perfume. I find she is a strong grower like GHA and would you believe she is still in a small 8"pot. Has roots going into the ground though. I will be moving her later into a large pot up next to GHA.
Chrissy I am so pleased with her.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

oops, we came from here

A quick photo of Alphonse Mucha just now in the rain. He started to wilt but has revived with the cool and has turned a very pretty apricot at last.

Merino, Australia

Helps if I add the photo. Heres Alphonse , all wet.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Both lovely Brugs Jean, you will enjoy them in the garden. AM is a tall grower, fab trumpets with curlicue moustaches - the Art Nouveau member of Alistair's collection. :)
You can see in this pic he has grown to 3 m plus. The soil is about 1 m deep, so good conditions.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Sydney, Australia

Yes he is a lovely Brugmansia but a bit too tall to take pictures of anymore.
He lives in my jungle and I can't stand back far enough to take a shot like that.
Lovely milky honey perfume on warm nights.
Oh and the stunning Butter Bomb ...what more can one say about it!
thanks for opening this thread with such a lovely Angel Jean ...I know you will fall in love with him,
he sets seed pods vey easily and is a very good daddy as well.
A lot of Angels are pollen shy, BB and AM both are generous parents.
Now is probably the right time for you to dab around Jean.
I have no blooms as mine are recovering from a terrible thrashing (hail then heat ) but the new leaves are growing quite rapidly in this rain.
One or two bad 40C days to come here but then I think it will truly be Autumn.

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NW Sydney NSW, Australia

I received an email from Allan yesterday, clearing up the pollen / pod issue. In both cases, 'Fernando' was the pollen parent. Thank you Cestrum for noting that point. Allan tells me that he has since pollinated ‘Fernando’ with 'Musketeer'. It will be interesting to see what comes from each batch.

Good news also from Allan concerning 'Sister Bertrille', in that she is "blooming in constant flushes!!" :)))

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Merino, Australia

Heres the golden girl Butterbomb, today, now that the sun has come out.
Chrissy, I have to laugh as I read our posts. The way we call our babies him or her. I see GHA as a definite male, but Butterbomb , to me is a golden girl. Elfin, of course is a girl, while Frosty is a boy. Arent we all a bit mad ?

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

Butter Bomb was worth the wait.....It's really beautiful, Jean.
Before I went away, I noticed a little bug on one of my last seasons Brug seedlings....there were about 4 that I could see.
I didn't touch them, not knowing whether they were goodies/baddies.
When I came back they had eaten their way thru the calyx of Pink Panther, Buck's Fizz and Bruce's Pink....they were on their way to Zabaglione......There were dozens of them on each plant and romance was certainly a priority after food.
These plants were in the garden, a distance of about 6 mtrs in total.....nothing else in between was touched....they didn't eat Brug corollas
either...but they sure made a mess of those calyx.
The outer shell of the bug was very hard...they couldn't be squashed so out came the big guns in the form of a selective spraying of Maxguard.....I had tried greener effect....even Eucalyptus oil didn't deter them......

The plants flowered very well even with all the holes in their calyx.....
Does anyone know what the are?

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Clifton Springs, Australia

This is the first flowering for me of Adéle Essex........Very pretty.....and yes Jean...they are one or the other......she is definitely a girl..

Thumbnail by Seachanger
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Potato beetle Dianne.

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Merino, Australia

Eeeeewww. Dianne, I don't want any of those up here thank you. My main problem is slugs but they really dont do a lot of damage as I keep the snail pellets around the plants. I have had the spider mites but they are not bad this year. Maybe it was too humid for them or maybe the brugs are just getting bigger and better able to get over the attacks. I do use either eucalyptus oil or white oil on them.

Sydney, Australia

Oh dear ...potato bug is such a horrible little beast!

I squish them and then go searching for any eggs.
The baby ones hide in poop, so as gross as it sounds, that poop must come off.
AE is very beautiful Dianne so pretty with both white and pink effect, delicious tendrils.

For me the Brugs ... yellow and orange are the boys and the pinks are girls ...white being almost a spiritual persona.
Butter Bomb is a very flamboyant male ...
Lovely pics Jean I knew you would love BB, what's not to love.

SB is has lost her buds three times due to various outragious weather events here (golf ball hail being one) but she is over 6ft and dying to put on a show here too Wayne,
hopefully it won't be long before this weather calms down.

Terrible heat again yesterday and today ...change on the way they say but it will bring bad wind.
Sigh it's just the gardeners lot sometimes.

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3a)

Quote from chrissy100 :
...white being almost a spiritual persona.

I love the way you think!

Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy certainly missed her calling..IMCANADIAN...there is a poet laureate hiding in there......

Thanks Wayne..for the ID on those bugs....also I forgot to say that your Buddleia/butterfly pic on the other thread is lovely.
Chrissy on one your posts you mentioned that a couple of the seeds that I sent you have survived...hooray..lets hope you have some good fortune with them.

Got a surprise with Zabaglione this flush....last time the flowers were white fading to cream...this time they changed to apricot and they looked just like Old Apricot only smaller....I love it's perfume so different to OA for instance.
Here it is in it's apricot colouring.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Clifton Springs, Australia

Here is Old Apricot....the Zabs are darker apricot now, very close to OA.

A couple of months back, I asked if anyone knew why Alistair named Clementine as he did........over Christmas I was looking at a fruit tree catalogue
and there it was...Clementine the Mandarin....I had not associated the name with a colour, naming his others as he had.....I was looking for something far more exotic.....If anyone can confirm this please let me certainly sounds reasonable to me.

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Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Dianne did you know one of it's parents is a pretty pink ...if you look there is a faint pinky rinse overwash in the "apricot"
Here she is
and we all know the Apricot Queen

Alistair called that colour 50's pink (remember the pink tiles and bathroom fittings)
I think Zabaglione is a real sweet Brug and like it's sibling Alphonse Mucha sets seed pods very well and has generous pollen.
Oh I can't wait for my blooms to come back ...little buds starting up on them now ^_^

Clifton Springs, Australia

I certainly remember the bathroom fittings Chrissy.....our first house had them in just that pink.
My Brugs from the seeds you gave me last year, are nearly 180cm now....big strong growers...3 of them.... the Sugar Pink x Zabaglione crosses.....has anyone had this cross flower yet?
The others aren't nearly as tall.....

Another great flush on Buck's Fizz....that really is a beauty...isn't it.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

I can see where the flounce in Butter Bomb came from in that picture. Lovely.
50's pink bathrooms. aka Miami pink. (we had one growing up).
I have seen that pink rinse over the Zabaglione and AM.

Nowra, NSW,, Australia(Zone 9b)

Hi everybody,

I hope you are registering your disapproval of the draft legislation proposing to ban the cultivation of Brugmansia... (not to mention many many wattles) You can send a form letter via this site (as I see has been discussed in another thread).

Clifton Springs, Australia

Mine's in....

Welcome back are just in time to answer my question....Was Clementine so called because it is the colour of a Clementine mandarin?...please say yes as I have given this subject a lot of

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Hi Alistair ...welcome back.

Dianne to quote Alistair
" ‘Clementine’ has a delicious smell of orange and marzipan. "

barmera, Australia

Alistair welcome home. I hope that your trip went well and that you enjoyed yourself. Re the ban on the brugs and cacti etc. Maybe I'm being a little naive here but don't you think that USA, England and everywhere else in the world would be banning these too? I haven't heard a peep about it in the C&S site. Do you really think that the Gov could, or rather would, take so many livelihoods, and there would be thousands in Australia, away just like that. I might be eating my words down the track, but I can't see it happening. It all smacks of propaganda to me. Colleen

Nowra, NSW,, Australia(Zone 9b)

Thanks Dianne! Actually Clementine is named after a great aunt!

Colleen it is sadly not propaganda but in clear black and white in draft legislation put out for pubic comment (by March 11). It includes, besides brugmansias and some cacti, the banning of the possession or sale of all species of plant containing DMT (dimethyltryptamine). What this directly implies is that the possession of even one plant of a great many species of native Australian wattle which contain DMT could result in imprisonment! Do not be complacent about this simply because it seems unbelievable. It is there in black and white!

Sydney, Australia

I would dare anyone to try and drag me into court because I grow a plant that I love.
Let them try!
I was listening to some audio re Brugs, and people talk about them as though you will drop dead if you sniff one.
What rubbish! How many of you out there have had bad reactions to growing the Brugs apart from some not liking the heavy scent because they are migraine prone.

Even in books written by so called experts there are pictures of orange arboreas for example, pictures of Daturas shown as Brugmansias and all sorts of mistakes.

I have had Brugs for over 25 years in my gardens ...never had a bad reaction though I am allergic to some brands of soaps and shampoos, aspirin and some other meds.

Nor has anyone to the best of my knowledge ever tried to take some pieces for anything other than for growing another beautiful plant from my garden.
Listen to the audio in it.
To me even these "experts" are very unfamiliar with the real thing.
I am certainly no expert but I bet you everyone here in this forum knows more about the every day handling of Brugmansias than most of them.
We aren't natives living in a jungle, we are Australian gardeners.

That is not to say you shouldn't take care, just be sensible, after all our gardens are full of poisonous plants and insects.

This is about drugs, these issues they are talking about, and it is about intention of using the things mentioned as drugs.

We are gardeners pure and simple.

I will start packing my bag for jail when they ban booze,cigarettes and cola drinks.
Until then I will continue to grow my beautiful plants.

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Thank you Alistair.
At last something sensible to go on out of this mess!

>I hope you are registering your disapproval of the draft legislation proposing to ban the cultivation of Brugmansia... (not to mention many many wattles) You can send a form letter via this site (as I see has been discussed in another thread).

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
barmera, Australia

As I said higher up, I can't see that "they" will do this. Ban our National Emblem? I don't believe that I'm being complacent, just logical. As Chrissy said, we're gardeners. Colleen

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Merino, Australia

Chrissy, I'm like you. I'm not giving up my brugs or any other plant either. I suppose next they will come and take all our daffodils etc.
The powers that be that bring up these ridiculous suggestions, should be getting out there and working on the real drugs that are affecting people by the millions.
Are they going to go through the entire country and rip up half the forests because they think someone will misuse a tree.
Will we lose out tomatoes rhubarb etc, too. After al, they have toxic parts.

barmera, Australia

Jean, The people who are misusing these plants will find something else to extract the drug out of. Are they going to ban potatoes. Have a think!!!!!!. I think that they should make these idiots get a real job and do some hard work for a change. It sounds to me as though they've been sampling each plant. Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

Well said
Hope everyone who is going to, has registered their protest.

Sorry that I mistook your aunt for a mandarin...Alistair....She must be a special lady for such a special flower.

Question re Knightii.......mine nearly all finish up with stained flowers before they's the only one that does this....Does anyone else have this problem.....the skirt gets badly stained too.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
barmera, Australia

Hi Dianne. My Clementine does that. I've never taken any notice if any others do, but I thought it was caused from the rain. I still haven't got a Knightii with buds. Still waiting. Colleen

Sydney, Australia

The blooms don't like water.
When watering try not to wet the trumpets, just water the growing medium.
They don't die off very elegantly but a gentle tug on the bloom should take it off.
A lovely thing.
Edited to say that I am talking about Knightii ...Knightii blooms don't like rain on them.
Try not to water blooms themselves when it will be hot because it may cook the blooms and steam the inner part of doubles.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

The Knightii cutting that I gave you Colleen, was the other part of the branch that mine has grown it shouldn't be far away.

Knightii is growing under a verandah in a pot, my husband probably gives it a hose every now and again...He denies it but It's more than likely the case.....any of them in pots that flower, I bring under the verandah so I can see them and more importantly, let the perfume waft in....Clementine will be in again soon...

My seeds from Alan via Chrissy are growing very well....there are so many different crosses that I am waiting to see flower....they will probably be white but I can't wait.
Alan's Fernando is growing like a's about 4ft sign of buds though.....Hi Alan, if your'e looking in.....

Sydney, Australia

Alan's Brug seems to be moving quickly now we finally have had some sun that isn't killer sun.

Wayne the seedlings are almost 3ft high now ...amazing how different the leaves are ... there are some yummy Jurassic ones ... and some very dark velvet ones too.
Can't wait.
Some Brugs in full sun are struggling slowly but you can see they are pricking up their leaves and noticing that the Autumn is nigh ...hmmm hopefully it will be more friendly than the previous seasons these last 7/8 months.

Merino, Australia

Heres Butterbomb this morning. Not a great pic, but its a bit dull and foggy out there. The flowers are about 10"long and about 7"wide at the opening. Lovely tendrils but they are starting to fade a bit now. Chrissy, Butterbomb may nearly be my second favorite as she has her perfume wafting around right up until lunchtime here. I walked down this morning and was hit by the beautiful scent before I was close. I can imagine her next to GHA , both in flower at the same time. I may move her up to be near him.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

This is Frosty this morning. Just opening and a lovely pink to start off. Usually he has been a bit paler at opening , but this is a good year for the brugs. This is his second flush so far this year.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

This is the Colin noid from you Chrissy. A small plant still but growing well. He had one flower last year and has 2 so far this year. Very pretty pink.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

One of the three seed pods on my 44. Perfect Harmony X The Chief. ( daddy is GHA)

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Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

The seed pods are very exciting Jean ...good luck with them.
Are these your first ever seed pods?
When I had my very first seed pods I clucked over them like a mother hen. It seemed to take forever for them to ripen fact 4/5 months.
tic toc tic toc ...should be ready by late Autumn perhaps.
They stop growing/or slow right down in the Winter but start up again in Spring.
Now what do you think ... is Colin's Pink noid the same as Frosty Pink or Crinoline (maybe all the same)?
To my eye Crinoline is a bit different but very similar ...while Colin's pink noid looks like Frosty Pink.
A mystery.

Ahh the stunning Butter Bomb just wait until he is a bit older and has constant flushes of the big fragrant blooms ...mmm.
GHA and BB scent the whole morning garden. ^_^

Merino, Australia

Hello Chrissy. Colin noid is not like my frosty. Its a prettier, real pink. Frosty tends to turn a bit orangy as he ages.
Yes these are my first pods. I wander down each day to look at them. While I was down there this morning, I dusted Frosty with pollen from Butterbomb. Couldn't resist. Butterbomb is just like GHA with lots of pollen. They must be related . Both very aurea types, to me anyway.. Same sturdiness, similar color, similar lovely strong and long lasting scent. Both stand out and look you in the eye, no drooping softies these two, but BB is definitely a bigger flower.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, you have a lovely lot of apricot/oranges in your cross.....and all that perfume.

Your GHA is growing very strongly here and it's little pot mate is putting on good growth too now....I will put GHA into the garden and keep the small one for a pot...


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