Germinating Gazania

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

I am soooo excited!!! I googled how to germinate these and they said to sprinkle the seeds on warm water and keep water at 70* until I see tiny green plants floating in the water. It was so exciting! In 24 hours I had 3 tiny babies. I removed with tweezers and planted in damp starter mix yesterday and today they are growing fine and I have more little green babies. I boiled the glass container for 20 minutes to sterilize before beginning. I did not sterilize the water because they "hatch" so fast, it did not seem necess. I used heater soil cords to keep them warm. I dont remember the reference but I googled, "gazania from seed". My seed are two years old so I dont expect 100% germination. I think Im going to try to start some Gerbera seeds the same way.

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