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Snapdragon germination in Parkstarts,

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

I started 3 kinds of snapdragons 2/4- tall, med & dwarf. So far germination is very spotty. I'm using Parkstarts with a T5 light. Directions said 55-65 degrees for germination so I didn't heat, but I just found a site that says a heat mat improves germination.

I have one I used for petunias and bacopa with excellent success (also Parkstarts)...did I blow it with the snaps? Or am I too impatient? Should I resow?

Also I've found it difficult to move multiples into empty cells with the fibrous inserts of the Parkstarts. Does anyone have experience with them? I lose about 50%.

I'm trying to be very compact and neat until the end of March because I'm doing the early birds in a city apartment window. After that the house will be open and I can spread out quite a bit- there's a perfect bay window. (Z5b)

Calgary, Canada

Snapdragons germinate in cooler conditions.
I do mine in a south window without heat mats.

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

I started to toss all my Snapdragon seed packs into the refrigerator upon receipt and left them in there until sewing. Seeds are surface sewn, given a sprinkling of vermiculite, bottom watered and germination is usually 7-10 days. If they dry out a little bit too much prior to germination they're misted. Also start mine in the house as its too hot to start them outside in FL.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Thanks ...

I tried starting more, surface sown in MG seed mix in styro cups, punched holes for drainage, covered with plastic wrap. I hope I get at least a few more. The windowsill is cool where they are, and there is a little down draft which should help. We'll see...

After I did that I read on another thread about the paper towel in the frig method, and have done that with several other types of seeds, mostly perennials.. It probably would have been perfect for snaps, but I think I'll settle for whatever I get now and just move on.

In the future I'll use the little Parkstarts for things like marigolds that come on so fast, and not til much later in the season when I'm really running out of room. There's that last couple of weeks when you want to get everything going but it's still too early to put most things out. I'm always trying to fit just one more cell pack of this or that in somewhere...These are not much bigger and have 18 cells.

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

Sounds good. I use MG Seed Starting Mix for everything with no heat mats, no coverings. Snapdragons are winter flowers down here. I start them inside only because it's too hot to start them outside in August in South Florida. That way they are a good month or so along when they can be safely put outside in early October. Now I use a small grow light. Prior to that I used to put them under a low hanging light in the kitchen and left the light on for about 14 hours a day. It does sound weird, but it worked The seeds that are consistently difficult for me are Salpiglossis and Lisianthus. They are so slow growing and germination seems to be challenging.

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