Canna, allium, glad, sedge, crom question.

Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

Here's the situation. A few years back I planted some glads, allium and cannas next to each other. The cannas rapidly took over the bed, I never saw any off the glad or alliums, blooms or foliage.

Today I decided to move all the cannas out. The soil is so nice in this area that I shook off all the soil hoping to keep most of the soil in the original bed.

What have I found? HUNDREDS of little black 'somethings'. About 3/4" and teardrop shaped. At first I thought I hit the mother lode of sedge grass, but these are grouped densely. There is no signs of the little strings or runners that tie sedge together. I've ruled out sedge grass.

I also found what looks like my original allium bulbs (A. bulgaricum) still healthy but haven't started sprouting yet. All the other alliums of this species are already 6" tall in other areas of the garden. But alliums don't produce small black corms... do they???

Next suspect is the glads, I don't recall what kind are planted. It could be the larger hybrid or a species glads. I've dug up species glads in the past and the corms look very much like what I have found under the cannas. But never have I found glads to this prolific!

I *think they're gladiolus.... BUT, could they have reproduced all this time without foliage???

Not sure what forum to post this in, figured, 'bulb" forum would be the closest thing to a 'corm forum' .lol

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