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Is there a canna for shade?

Calgary, Canada

Is there a canna which does well in a shaded spot?
I have an old porch on the north side of garage, which I am planning to turn into a begonia parlour.
I am wondering if there are any cannas which might grow there.
Part of it gets sun in June and July when sun is far north.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

I grew a tropicanna this year in the shade as well as a banana canna. Both did ok, they were just much smaller then they would of been if planted in full sun and the tropicanna never flowered. The banana canna in full sun were around 8 feet where the one in the shade was only about 3 feet and didn't multiply very much. The tropicanna was only about 15" high where the others in sun were about 2 feet.

Now when it gets sun for those few months is it full sun cause if it is then they will take off then..

Calgary, Canada

Yes, when the sun is over head late June and July they would have full sun.
That only is until sun moves further south, then they will be shaded in August and later.

I guess since I am doing them in pots on the porch----that I have the option of moving them to a sunnier spot.
I think you sent me a banana canna. I'll need to check which kinds that I have.

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

So long as they get 4-6 hours of sunlight, they will do ok.
Not as good as they could with more sun, but ok.

Calgary, Canada

Yes, I think that I will plan on placing all the cannas in the full sun positions,
and there are lots of shade and part shade plants which can go with the begonias.

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