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Highly Recommend Growing Stocks (Matthiola)

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

This was the first winter I attempted to grow Stock (Matthiola) from seed, and I'm glad I did. Everyone who passes by the flower bed on the side of the house or the front sidewalk asks me what flower is putting out the wonderful fragrance. It's the Stock flowers. If you like very fragrant flowers that are good for cutting you should give them a try. This is a picture of Stock "Fruit Punch Mix". It's a taller heat tolerant variety that's 24-30 inches in height.

Stocks will produce both single and double petaled blooming plants. The double blooming plants are more attractive/desirable and there is a way to differentiate them as seedlings. If you only want to grow "doubles" select the seedlings with the light green/yellowish initial leaves and discard the dark green ones. The darker green ones produce plants with single petaled blooms.


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