CLOSED: Wanted: Squash seeds. Have Speciosum Rubrum Lily bulb

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Wanted: Spaghetti Squash or Yellow Crooked Neck Squash Seeds

Speciosum Rubrum bulb 16-18cm

An outstanding variety that is sought after for its fragrance and late-summer bloom. The recurved, pendent flowers are white and crimson, 6in across. This is the last of the Lilies in our list to flower, and to our nose at least, it is also among the most fragrant. Our gardens wouldn't be complete without it.

Color: White, crimson
Height: 42" And Up
Flowering in Mid to late Summer
Full Sun Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Average Dry
Zones: 4 -10

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Pittsburg, MO(Zone 6b)

I have regular Spaghetti squash (yellow) and a Hasta la Pasta type(orange). I only have the straight neck yellow squash. Not sure if my sister has the crook neck but will get in touch with her to find out. How many seeds do you want?

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Thanks for your response!

I'll be sending the seeds to my mom in Europe.
She needs a lot of them, not only for her, but for her friends as well.

How many do you have?
Send me a private message.


Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)

I have crookneck squash seeds for trade. I sent you a dmail. I would love some rubrums. How many seeds do you need? I have a bunch!


South Lake Tahoe, CA

I need a lot of large mature seeds.

Sending them to my mom in Europe, so she can grow
and trade them with her friends who are helping her
with her new upcoming reconstruction surgery (again).

My mom grew Spaghetti Squash for me last year and
saved a large one just for me during my last visit. Oh, so yummy!
We saved the seeds but she wants more larger ones.

I have only a few Rubrums left.
Send me a Dmail on your counts.

Orofino, ID(Zone 6a)

I have different types of winter squash seeds, Kelloggs Breakfast tomato, different flower (annual & biannual).... are these what you are looking for? Deb

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

HI... u still has some left and I has yellow straight neck squash seeds.???

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