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What's happening in your neck of the woods/friendly chat!!!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thought it was time to move us over...

We came from here:

Think we're all standing in line for the spring

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I found you!

Have a concert tonight with the Parkdale Orchestra in which I do not usually play but they were desperate for violas and the conductor is a friend of mine.

Got GOOD news today. Brian Law conducted the Ottawa Symphony from 1975 - 1991 and the Ottawa Choral Society for longer than that. In 1991 he moved to Christchurch, New Zealand where he worked with the opera chorus and eventually became director of the Christchurch Cathedral choir. He was IN the cathedral at the time of the earthquake last week for escaped unscathed although much saddened by the destruction. Much relieved to have heard that.

Victoria Harbour, ON

How wonderful for you Ann..think you've missed playing in concerts right? Does that entail a lot of rehersals?

Lord was with Brian for sure!Ottawa Symphony and community members must be relieved to hear he's ok. Can't even fanthom the destruction they must be many dead and still
missing..that neck of the woods certainly has been hit hard this year!


Wow - the Lord was with Brian, for Sure!
How lovely that you're playing in the concert! I shouldn't imagine it would be easy to find a viola player at all, let alone one as accomplished as you are!!!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

The concert went well. It's always amazing how well community musicians play when it comes to concert time. They really rise to the occasion. I MIGHT do their next concert too. I've never played Beethoven's 6th Symphony. wouldn't mind adding it to the list. But I can't do many rehearsals before then end of March as I have concerts with 2 different groups on March 25 and March 26.

These were Brian's words to a local contact -

I survived!

The fact that I was in the ploding cathedral at the time makes that
statement somewhat remarkable.

The City is devastated and the carnage frightful. This charming.
anachronistic, elegant town that I love is gone and can't be replaced.
Very sad. but I am OK.

Went to my seaside house last night where walking on the beach alone,
the old mother still swayed her to and fro and the moon with
delight looked round her, and this morning the sunrise was a
glorious birth and thus they will continue long after we've all
shuffled off. And that gives me great solace!>>


What beautiful, touching words Brian said...... about his time at the seaside house.
and the devastation is terrible to hear......

Victoria Harbour, ON

Very touching! And to think we complain about cold and stormy weather, we truly don't know how lucky we have it when you hear of all the devastation that's gone on in the past few years in other countries..

Big commitment on your part Ann with having a full slate of rehersal's already an opportunity though for you to do something different!

Fighting a migraine for 2 days, must go take a few more capsules hoping to fight it off..wondering if my playing with my ipad, screen being so bright that I've put stress on my eyes thus causing the headaches..will stay away from playing with it and see if that helps.

The snow is falling ever so softly this morning, almost like looking at a Christmas card, thought it was suppose to rain for a few days so perhaps it will warm up as the day progresses and rain it will.

As I haven't done a thing all weekend I thought I might play making neck glass pendant holders to hold your glasses, had promised some to friends and am 3/4 of the way finished, a few hours work and I'd be done so hoping this pounding stops..

Susan, have fun putting your house back together after the it looks lovely...

Enjoy your day, hope you all have something exciting planned!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for the 'move on over' Betty .. hope your migraine lets go soon .. could be the ipad .. the ones I looked at had
'I can be MISPLACED easily' written all over them, doesn't mean I still don't want one though ^_^

One of my family members also heard from her daughter in an area just outside of ChristChurch , she had initially been trapped in the school she teaches in (a one story) .. but was extracated without a scratch. Her stories of the devastation are heart wrenching. I do think we'll see her back in Canada soon.

Our 'cold snap' seems to have loosened its grip .. have a luncheon with 'the VCARS gurls' this afternoon .. be nice not to have to go out dressed FULL BORE for freezing temps !!!
In fact .. it's snowing right now .. just noticed ..

Having company in for supper, best go and do some prep ..

Enjoy your day


Victoria Harbour, ON

'M' bought the large case for it,almost like small binder, much easily found!

No company for supper but lots of visitors been dropping in of late so mass some sweets and bread pudding so I've something to offer them
Your family member must have been living in he'll not knowing if she was alive or dead....know I'd be on first plane home!

Just got back from grocery store and earlier had done a walk in the gardens and it was enjoyable....spring is right around the corner

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Can't keep up with you all! My sister got back her CT scan and it's not the greatest news. They found a lesion on her brain and the chemo treatments didn't shrink the cancer in her lungs and liver. She is coming into the city for a Gamma Knife that they will do on Thursday. She is also will be getting a second opinion because she wants to get started on the Tarceva but the cancer doctor doesn't know because of her also having adult leukemia.


Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Oh my PG .. quite the situation for your sister.
Will she have the Gamma Knife treatment at Health Sciences ?
I know Cancer Care Manitoba is a well respected organization .
I wish you all the best ..

Wind has come up .. so .. will have to dress up a bit more warmly before leaving ..



Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Thank you, Marilynne! Yes, she will be having it at the Health Science Centre.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sending prayers for your sister. She has quite the battle ahead of her! am sure you are terribly worried.
No medical knowledge, could you explain the ..gamma knife...

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Thank you, Betty!

Gamma Knife is a high dose of radiation directly pinpointed to the lesion. Here is a link that explains it in more details:

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thank you for the link..will you both be able to spenld some time together?
Cannot seem to rid myself of the headache, maybe a hot bath will help..
Quite mild out there this afternoon, cannot believe how much of the snow has melted....nice to see some grass and mud. Lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Well Betty .. has your headache gone? Could it be sinus related? Seems this time of year that's a real concern for some folks.

Dinner went well last evening , as did the VCARS 'coffee date' .. I had thought it was a luncheon .. but it ended up as just a little get together .. have to make some phone calls today as there was a recipe tossed about for some sort of Maple Syrup bread .. I never quite caught it ..

Didn't watch the Oscars .. read all about'em on CNN this morning .. I gather 'The King's Speech' is the BIG winner .. from the trailers I have seen it certainly does look to be a good bit of entertainment.

Gord is off to Wisconsin for a couple of weeks to go ice fishing, and to visit his friend. His friend, Gary, is a Korean War Vet .. a real character ...

I best get these sleepy head doggies out for a wee walk .. well .. Lilly at least !!! Piper still acts up re being leashed !

Have a great week .. MARCH arrives tomorrow ... like a Lamb I think (here at least)



Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all...think I hit every kind of weather coming in, mild and no snow, to snow, to sleet, to freezing rain then sure what 1st of March will bring in, think it's the lamb..yikes, would rather have it come in like a lion and be done with it!! From past experience, do you believe that old addage?

Still playing with the migraine, talking ever so softly, not moving around much in hopes that it doesn't act up like it did all weekend.

Your Maple Syrop bread doesn't sound like something one should eat when on a should say that when I did muffins and bread pudding yesterday and ate a good bit on my

I had full intentions of watching the Oscars but closed my eyes and there went that!!!
I was please with the outcome, saw King's Speech and really enjoyed it..

Hope Gord enjoys his fishing and am sure he will, nothing like spending time with an old friend.

Called my son Greg this morning and asked if he was still travelling on the ice with his snowmobile, said yes, gave him the what for, one drowning and then another 3 men saved..not a good thing..not sure about the man who drowned but Greg said the 3 who were pulled out had been drinking, Greg said in the 33 years he's been travelling the bay, NOBODY goes where these 4 were...still doesn't make me feel any better that he's enjoying the last of the season...guess the fish huts and ice fishing comes to an end here at midnight tonight.

Victoria Harbour, ON

SHIVA wrote:

Hello everyone. My name is Lisa. I never posted here before, mostly just a lurker and information seeker. I have been away from the site entirely for about a year. My friend who introduced me to this site passed away in October so it's been a bit hard to face the place without her coming to mind. I have plans this summer to build her a tribute in my 1 acre forested yard...I hope it turns out the way her and I used to dream of. Sorry for the heavy post...just renewed my membership and thought I would introduce myself to the Canadians here.

Victoria Harbour, ON

I responded:

Glad you decided to come out of 'lurking' mode Shiva! Sorry about the loss of your friend, I'm sure your memorial garden will be just the thing for you to sit and be at peace with her. I am sure you will do justice to her memory.

We all welcome you,hope you join in the daily chat! You've had quite the winter this year as well, guess you are anxious to get out in that wooded lot and dream of what it can've plenty of areas for secret gardens, I envy you!

HOPE Shiva you post that lovely photo of your garden woods on this new thread

London, Canada

Yeah here is a small taste of the yard that I have to work with. I hope you all will have suggestions. Anne and I dreamed, but there is much more potential out there than we ever got around to talking about. Each time I post, I will add a pic of the yard. If you have an idea or vision that pops out at you, please post it! I think I'll show y'all my pond now as well.

Thumbnail by shiva_kalima
London, Canada

I am very anxious to get outside of course. There were a lot of happenings here late summer and fall of last year so I missed the tail end of our season. I'm wondering if I can 'winter sow' some seeds and just throw them out by the shed so they'll be ready for planting when I am?

Thumbnail by shiva_kalima
London, Canada

And last photo for now. The grassed area of my backyard...I hope to put a kitchen garden here this spring.

Thumbnail by shiva_kalima
Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Welcome Shiva ... sorry to hear of your loss ..
Love the look of your pond .. as well as your property .. it;s a huge endeavour working on large parcels of land.
I have 10 acres of which maybe 3.5 are 'tamed' LoL

Just spoke with Lorna's parents .. seems there are some BIG winds and rain down that way ..
We have 'the chill' .. and wind, not too big.
The sun is blazing,makes things nicer and the dogs and cat all have 'sunspots' ..

Guess I'll take Lorna walking a bit later .. depends on the wind chill.

Take care


Victoria Harbour, ON

What I wouldn't give to have that parcel of land where you have the river/pond..omg how much fun you'll have making it into a piece of 'heaven'!!! I never have luck with starting seeds in the house, my best results is early spring, rake the ground, toss the seeds and if they grow they

"M" will check the weather and see what is brewing...Mike is having a lung operation as we speak, Ann who is intimidated by driving in the city must be beside herself...hope if conditions aren't the best that she'll find a hotel around the NewMarket Hospital.

Went ou for lunch and much the same, cold in the wind but if you can find a little corner where the sun is shinning it's actually enjoyable...few more hours left to my workday..was fine with the headache until I started to move around at lunch time..drats...

London, Canada

Yeah the property is great! I'm looking forward to a long hard working growing season this year! I just got in from a walk with my pooch (Lexus)...when I left it was 2 degrees, and when I got back it was 0 lol. The forecast for my area says warmer and warmer..I hope it stays that way! I have always grown all my plants from seed to tell the truth...very few were cuttings or plants bought/given to me. I just don't know about this winter sowing...sounds a little odd to me. I suppose I'll google it :) Thanks for the warm welcomes and thoughts

Victoria Harbour, ON

I don't winter sow but so many do..hope someone one this thread can lead you in the right direction!, NB(Zone 5a)

Welcome Shiva. I believe there is a winter sowing forum that will give you lots of info. I have tried it in the past but have just as good luck just planting early in the spring.
Probably the worst storm we have had this winter going on today. Sent us home from work at 3 and darn glad to be here. It was the first time I have been nervous driving. Lots of heavy wet snow and high winds - visibility is nil. So much drifting in front of the door I had to shovel my way in. Supposed to change to freezing rain and rain overnight - it will be a mess in the morning.
I am really ready for a bit of spring.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Welcome Shiva. Thanks for telling us about yourself.

Lottsa snow here in Ottawa. We did get out snowshoeing this afternoon and I spend some time shovelling the driveway. Not all of it though.

I don't think I told you folks that I've got a new handbell coming for my bell choir. A group posted on the Handbell -L that they had acquired an extra set of bells that had two bass bells which they wanted to sell. One we had, but the other was the bottom note of the 5 th octave - C3. We have 4 1/2 octaves plus an F3 and really didn't have plans to add more bells, but that is the one bell I would consider and it was for sale at 60% of its considerable cost.

Various donations have bought it for us in memory of one of my ringers who passed away about 18 months ago and tomorrow a friend and I will drive down to Ogdensburg, NY to get it. It arrived there this morning.

Ann (Viann)

Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad you are home safe, they would not expect you to go in tomorrow if it doesn't improve. Guess the storm that was brewing our way finally made it to NewBrunswick!

Do you have back roads you can travel during storms to get you for me, I prefer doing so when it's bad weather, a lot less intimidating than being on the main motor routes that way I can go the speed I feel most comfortable driving.

How many days are they calling for the same?

Victoria Harbour, ON

That's quite exciting for you Ann bet you are thrilled...they must be costly? How are the renovations coming with the church? Do you have all the permits as needed now? lots of questions right?

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Laurie .. glad you're home !! Yikes re that kind of weather .. I sure hope Thunder Bay steers clear ...

Lisa, as Laurie mentioned .. there are a couple of forums that deal with winter sowing. I am just NOT into it .. I will plant my annuals (bought), baby my perennials, and, if I am REALLY adventurous and feel our northern summer will be LONG .. I'll plant some flower seeds ..
I winter sowed tomatoes once .. lordie .. I had them in almost evey room in the house .. sowed'em WAY too early and had a gangly mess !!

Ann .. enjoy your trip, and I hope the BELL is all you wished for ^_^

Say, Betty, did your headache beat it ?



Victoria Harbour, ON

No "M" still with me, just walked in, into a bath, taking meds and off to lay down! Surely it can't stay with me much longer...

I did the same, started seeds and wow they grew in leaps and bounds but before it was time to put them out they were gangly and all died except a few..what a waste of seed (FOR ME) anyway so back to just grabbing a handful and tossing in the gardens.

DId you hear about the man and his wife who put his mother to live in the garage, her bed was plywood, barely any heat, potty for her to use..she's in critical condition..she was living like this for over 3 months..hope they throw the book at them


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - in the garage? What province - ON?
my DH said "don't throw the book at 'em - put the mother in the house, and let Them live in the garage - see how they like it!"

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

DAWG!!!! I cannot imagine 'Mans inhumanity to Man' ~~ In this case a SON to his mother .. unforgiveable.
Should be made to live like that for the rest of his years ..

Just watched a movie, 'Dark Blue' .. Kurt Russell .. about LAPD in 1991 after the Rodney King episode .. more violent than I like, but ... a good story.

Lilly and Piper are making life interesting .. NOT!! They have the 'WOOFS' .. for whatever reason .. they run into the kitchen .. stare at the kitchen window, and BARK !!!
Once it was a few deer out the back .. the next few times ... well .. WHO KNOWS ... sure do not like taking them out into their compound when they're like this .. keep thinking Mr or Ms Skunk MAY have ventured out from where ever they spend their winter. Do NOT want to have a tub full of Westies to bathe .. as a matter of fact, I have NO tomato juice on hand !!!!!

March 1 tomorrow ... can ya believe it !!!!




we watched "Precious" last night.......... talk about "man's inhumanity to man" - in this case, a mother's inhumanity towards her daughter.......... I couldn't "not" watch it! Makes you realize what life is like for some people.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Here are the most recent pics on the church renovation -

And the most recent update has another delay. Looks like late May before we'll get back in.

I'll post a pic of the bell when we get it.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Fancyvan posted on last thread:

Oh man is it cold! Wind chills apparently somewhere around -35!

I did want to go out this morning to take my LH skirt to a dressmaker - I lost so much weight it hangs on my hips! - so I plugged in the car for a couple of hours and set off and darn she was closed! So a quick stop at Safeway and home.

But tomorrow I have to be at Rockyview Hospital at 730AM! I have to use 2 major roads to get there so am going to leave about 630 and hope for the best i.e. that the worst of rush hour will not have started - which of course means I will probably be there very early! ( It is usually a 15 min trip) This is my bone scan appointment- just have to have an injection then can go home for about 3 hours and back for the scan which takes about an hour.

Wed is my CT scan but in the afternoon.

Missing the curling - happy that Sask won. Briar starts on Sat coming up I think!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Susan posted a welcome to Shiva!

I'm behind the ball this morning , moving slowly so a quick
Welcom to MARCH and I'll gab when I get to work

London, Canada

Wow Ann, those renovations you are working on are crazy! I wouldn't know where to are you involved with the whole process?

I have to say I am never surprised by mans inhumanity. It saddens me greatly that anyone can even fathom any of these things let alone actually do them to people around them. The world can be a frightening place! It's hard to decide how a person should be punished in that situation. If we do nothing or close to it, then everyone would do these sorts of things. If we do what they did to them, then we are no better.

It's cold here today -8...I am going to be taking my dog for a few walks anyways. I've been feeling guilty for not getting her out of the house/yard.

The pic is of a path in my yard leading from the very back of the yard towards the house. Last year I had morning glories climbing all over everything, but they didn't do as well here as in previous years. They didn't get as much sun there as they should have once the canopy was filled in.

Thumbnail by shiva_kalima
Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Shiva - it's Emmanuel United Church. The original building dates from the early 60s when gas was cheap and insulation expensive. The sanctuary was added about 20 years later. For the last number of years we've been throwing good money after bad to patch up the old building. So we are now doing a $2 million renovation of it which is going over budget as they've found surprises along the way.

That wavy, "folded plate" roof was deemed in good shape and architecturally worth saving but now it looks like there might be some problems with it too. With all the surprises, it likely would have been less expensive to have demolished the whole structure and started over. As it is, all the walls have been removed and totally rebuilt.

We also had to add more structural steel to meet current seismic regulations and having had an earthquake of about 5 last June, you can be sure they are looking at things like that. Meanwhile, the church offices and many activities are in an Anglican church down the street. We are worshiping at the closest United Church. Their main service is their 9:30 service; we've pretty well taken over the 11:15 service. And my handbells are being stored and we practice at a Presbyterian church that's about 15 minutes away. We are "camping" as one person termed it.

The whole project was supposed to have been done by the end of November, but we didn't get the building permit until early November. Demolition of the interior over the summer showed up deficiencies that delayed the building permit. The only way I'm directly involved is in helping to pay for it.

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