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Winthrop Harbor, IL

I have a living room/dining room combo(all one room) that is long but somewhat narrow..I have the wall color and blinds already picked out.Now I need ideas for style...Looking for new couch also..
I like simple cottage or country looks..but can be alittle elegant if I want it to be.
Here are to pic to help with the vision.

First is the blinds on the windows

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Winthrop Harbor, IL

And this is the wall color I am using-This IS Not my Home or picture

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Winthrop Harbor, IL

This is the wall color I have upstairs that I am thinking of using in the living room/dining room...

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(Linny) Salem, SC(Zone 7b)

Wow... seems like you are wide open for anything you like. But since you have bamboo shades or blinds, you could go with a beach theme. Your wall color is going to be a neutral when you get it up. Am I right? You are changing the gold shown in the first picture?

I have done many a room around a picture, even a greeting card.

Tell us more about what you have to work with...


central, NJ(Zone 6b)

So what exactly are you asking??? Furniture ideas? wall decor? how to decorate an entire empty room or 2? how much do you want to spend?

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

if you like the above style browse Ballards you'll get some great ideas.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

I think she's busy decorating...haven't heard back...

cambridge, United Kingdom

The idea of a beach theme is really good. Also You could try some countryside style - maybe You could use some blacksmith products [Link deleted by admin]

NY, United States

I believe that rustic or eclectic styles will perfectly match the window blinds. But if you ask me, you'd better check some fine sources for interior design ideas, like for example. Explore some photo galleries and pick the style that you like most :) Good luck, CountryLisa72 ;)

T0M 0N0, Canada

I loved the upstairs' wall color and the first thing that came to my mind is some hangings in the wall, but not the normal ones but something out from your collectibles; something old but classy. Like, something that are memories of your childhood that you think can be threaded into a hanging model type or something will really give a magic to those walls.
I have this crave for the collectible items and I guess that grew from the day I bought few things, rare and memories of old times, which was once a collectible of someone, but will definitely bring back our past, from a self-storage facility You won't believe, if you have any such places in your area should definitely check out and you will get cheap but really valuable things that you definitely crave for.

Monticello, IA

What did you decide to go with ? Any pics for us to look at?

Alachua, FL

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New York City, NY

I think you should go for some wall arts,some decorative accessories with your dining table.

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Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

I absolutely LOVE the color and agree that a beach theme would be great!

I have a "beach.....sailboat.....marine" theme. I have wood panelling. I would love to lighten the walls, but have not seen anything so far that covers up panelling well.

I will start a new thread on that subject.

Pasadena, CA

You can use room dividers like the below one, to separate the dining and living room. If any one ask's me to select a must must furniture for my living room, I would prefer larger coaches or leather sofa's. They are stylish, cozy and you can use sofa's as bed if required. Decorate them with trendy decorative pillows. You can find them easily in the market with different price range.

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Bangalore, India

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Woodbridge, VA

I think you should search and read from sites like houzz and apartmenttherapy. This will help you decide on what colors, furniture's, etc. you really want. So you can also canvass the things you will need for this decorating project. Good luck!

Mumbai, India

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Pune, India

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Pune, India

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New York City, NY

I think beach theme will be perfect for styling your living and dinning room. Moreover, you should also checkout to get new decorating tips for your home and interiors.

Oakville, Canada

Wall arts will add more value and richness to your room... Go for a family tree photoframe

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