Wry neck?

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Has anyone had one of their Orpingtons get "wry Neck" ? If so, what did you do?

My really large blue Orpington, was fine and dandy until yesterday morning. We had one really cold night here. Freezing temps.
(not sure that means anything) They were all in the comfort
I went to the coop yesterday morning and she was squatting down with her neck all twisted looking up. I checked her out and there is no sign of injury. I researched it and concluded it was wry neck. And to treat with vitamins in the water. I have separated her out to help her eat. Any suggestions?

Also, when I put my hand around her neck to help her straighten out, she seems to be able to eat. On you tube, people have made a neck brace and it helped. What do you think?

Ferndale, WA

Hi Images, I believe Smedgekles had a duck or turkey with that problem. I think she would be a good one to speak with. Maybe a Dmail to her so she sees it. I have never even seen it so I can't say anything except my best wishes to you...Hay

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

I would try what ever I could to help. It beats having to put it down

Los Gatos, CA

Thanks you two! I will try whatever I can. Most of the things I read, people have said that their chicken gets over it. It also runs in Slikees.

It looks strange and like she has vertigo. When I hold my hand around her neck she seems to see the food and eat it up. I scrambled eggs and gave it to her with some vitamin water, and lots of worms. I am worried that she is not getting enough water. We tried to put on a coller of bubble wrap, but that got her upset!

If I have to compare it to humans, I would say she has a charlie horse in her neck. Because it does not seem painful. (except lack of walking around like a regular chicken) After she stretches if out she almost looks normal and then it cramps up again. I am trying to keep her warm in the garage brooder, but with the temps we have been having, I worry about turning off the light. So, she is not getting much sleep...... It's not freezing any more, should I turn off the lights?

FYI ~ she may have some new born chicks in there with her in a few days! (I will keep them separate!)

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I remember all the talk about the chick with the wry neck, but forget what they did to help it. Seems it recovered. Zz will know when she gets on here.

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It's my understanding that they are born with wry neck... not a sudden onset as an adult. It sounds like a major trauma of some kind to me.

I found one of my serama hens 1/2 way down a hole that a rat or something had dug under the coop.. she was extremely cold and had her neck twisted so far, she was looking behind herself.. it was horrible.. I don't know if she was like that all night or not.. and it was one of the coldest nights we have had.
I've seen that in chickens when they are dying.. I thought for sure she would be dead the next morning... but to my surprise, she was moving slow, but fine...and improved in time.

Los Gatos, CA

Yes, at first I thought something fell on her. Or that she fell. She is just shy of 5 months. This what she looks like. Only now she is very hunkered down.. Beautiful girl. She is larger then the rest of my full grown hens.

Thumbnail by Imagesoart
Los Gatos, CA

How much should a hen eat in a day? I mean not how much can they eat, but how can I gage that she is getting enough to eat?

I already told my kids they were on their own, I will be in the garage feeding the chicken! :)

Really, the care goes to those who need it the most!

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Poor little thing, hope you're able to figure out what is the matter with her and that she recovers. She is sure pretty!

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Yes, she's a real beauty.

I had two injured chickens completely recover. One was attacked by a cat, the other by my dog. The one the cat hurt could not even hold her head up for about four days. Finally after a week she managed to get up and go outside the coop on her own. It was really amazing.

Conroe, TX

strange, and it does look like wry neck. Can you get the neck to go back straight? We had a baby turkey with wry neck, we would massage the neck and get it to go back straight. After a while it pretty much stayed straight. Odd though that it showed up now, it could be from injury especially if it won't go straight.

Chickens need a constant supply of food. They eat, poop, and lay eggs with eating being their #1 activity, so they do need to have something to be pecking at most all the time. If she isn't getting enough to eat she will be very thin and her breastbone will stick out. Do you know how much she weighs?

Los Gatos, CA

Thanks everyone. I am really hoping for her to recover.

I can get the neck to go straight. I hold my hand around her neck and then she sees the food and starts to eat it. Then all of a sudden she cramps up, and goes back to that position. She also does not seem to be in pain.

She is not skinny, yet, but this just happen starting on Saturday morning. I have all the vitamins and stuff. I am feeding her scrambled eggs with a little bit of milk, her feed, worms, water........ Sometimes she eats after I leave. (just a little)

I have had the heat lamp on her, since Saturday. Just now when I went out there she was falling asleep. So, I tried to give her some more food, but she is just too tired. I turned off the lamp. I hope all goes well for the night.

Los Gatos, CA

Well, my orp looked so much better this morning when I turned on the light. Her neck was more relaxed. But soon it went back to the usual place. She does not seem to want to eat....... I can keep going as long as it takes. I just wish she would eat...

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You've been feeding her a lot of goodies, hopefully she'll keep eating them. I hope she feels better soon!

Conroe, TX

Have you tried putting another (more gentle) hen with her? Sometimes having company that eats encourages them to eat. Our turkey would eat when we pecked at the food with our fingers, but then he was little. We had a blind hen that would eat when we put another hen with her, she would hear them peck and then she would follow suit.

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