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Dickinson, TX

I have successfully grown old roses for several years and would like to try several varieties of david austin english roses. I live in the coastal south (Galveston, TX.) and would like to know if anyone has experience on how david austin roses perform and which ones are best for my area. I currnetly have Abraham darby and heritage - both have done well. I'm interested in Cottage, The Generous Gardener, Golden Celebration, Winchester Cathedral, charles Rennie Mackintosh, Mary Rose and Eglantyne, to name a few:) I'm very bold and have a huge area!
Thanks to anyone who can give me your experiences in this area.

Houston, TX

I have had beautiful roses (large lovely formed with exquiste fragrance and form) and good repeating with heritage/ abraham darby/ jubilee celebration/ golden celebration/ graham thomas/ & the Mary Rose. Most importantly, only jubilee Celebration & ( to a lesser extent) Heritage continue to bloom through the worst heat of the summer, which I cannot say about golden celebration/ graham thomas/ or the Mary Rose. For Southern Rosarians, Jubillee celebration is nearly perfect; it doesn't repeat as quickly as other non DA roses do, but overall I am very happy with its performance in the garden and LOVE the rose.

FYI:I live on the South shore of Canyon Lake, and I don't know if this will be helpful to you, but I think that he best rose for the our climate is Belinda's dream, although it is not fragrant, it pumps out armfuls of blooms all summer long through the hottest of days. It does so continuously in fall and spring, but in the heat of summer it rests for a couple of weeks in between a solid month of blooms. This July I counted 40 Roses of "florist rose" quality & size blooming on 1 plant that I prchased a year before. Only thing lacking in BD is fragrance and a slight tendancy to blackspot which- in my experience- doesn't in the least bit affect the blooming/ health overall. Hope this helps!

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

The Rose garden in Tyler Texas has a section that contains almost all of the David Austin English Roses. Perhaps they could help you in your selection.


David Austin Roses has a company office in Tyler, Texas. Here is some info for you


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I would agree with themoonhowl and was about to try find the web site for you UK Austin Roses where they have beautiful rose gardens and where the Austin family grow their roses of so many different types, but I would imagine you will get better info from someone in Austin Roses more local to your conditions and situation, very best of luck, great choice of Roses, hope they bloom for many years to come when you plant them.

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